How to Choose a Pillow for Sleeping

To sleep well and avoid neck pain, it is important to choose a pillow that suits you.Several elements are taken into account to find the one that works best.

There are pillows for different types of fillings, natural, synthetic and shape memory. Each one has its own specificities.
Natural: the lining feather / down pillow gives your flexibility and swelling. It is soft and easily mobile packing.
-Synthetic: a polyester pillow will make your soft and firm pillow. It will regain its initial swelling quickly and remain consistent.
-A form of memory: the lining of white pillows often made by epillowcases of foam is ideal for those who have back and neck problems. It fits the shape of your head and your neck and reduces muscle tension.

The firmness of your pillow will depend on the positions where you sleep more often.
-On the back: if you’re used to sleeping on the back we advise you to choose a firm pillow. It will support your head and neck properly.
-On the side: if you often sleep on your side, we recommend a soft mid firm pillow half which helps support the neck and head without either give you an impression of hardness.
-on the stomach: if you’re used to sleeping on your stomach, you are advised to opt for a soft pillow deflates easily. In this position, you must be as flat as possible for you to avoid muscle tension.

There are different sub pillowcases that allow you to better protect your pillows for durability (sweat, blood). They can be waterproof, absorbent, antiperspirant, anti mite, anti microbial and hypoallergenic.
Tip: shape memory pillows are heavier and usually have a cover, consider taking a size under top pillowcase which you avoid the problems of tears and you will facilitate the establishment.

We hope this information will help you better choose your pillow. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will respond with great pleasure.