How to Choose a Red Dress

The red dress is the glamorous outfit by excellence. The same as the black dress, she is doing in any season, is suitable for all body types and is playing beautifully.

Choose a Red Dress

Here are some tips on how to choose yours.

The Red Dress For A Glamorous Look

Red is the color of desire. Sensual and sexy red dress sends strong signals of seduction! Luscious silhouettes will opt for a long dress fitted in the chest or a straight dress with square, while the more minor morphologies can dare short sheath dress for a chic look and the skater dress for an outfit more casual.

The color red enhances pale complexions, sublime black matte skin and marries beautifully with Golden accessories.

It will complete her look with a discreet make-up on the eyes and you dare red on the lips, that they prefer matte.

How to Choose a Red Dress

The Pastel Red Dress For A Summer Look

Pastel invades fashion for the summer 2016! When hairstyles are the colours of the Rainbow on the catwalks, the red summer dresses are pastel down the street to become a must-have for this summer. In town, she comes in trapeze dress the day, in a dress sheath or long dress evening.

On the beach, we opt for a dress shirt that is hanger size with a scarf colored for a summer look, or a dress of beach fluid with transparent effects that we put on a colorful swimsuit.

How To Accessorize My Red Dress

The red dress is a strong piece. But we can completely accessorize it without being overbearing. You have chosen a right dress or scabbard: break the silhouette with a wide black belt or very graphic patterns. She will reveal your size of WaSP. If you have made the choice to a long dress, you can complete your outfit with an avalanche of silver necklaces, with or without beads, as well as bracelets. Heels or flats, you have all the choices in shoes! We’ll simply think to choose quality, with good support.

Finally, to find a bag that has the capacity you need, but avoid the red color. Avoid the total-look not really modern!