How to Choose Earrings

Biensur, choose an accessory or a jewel, is first of all a history of taste or crush. But how to choose a pair of earrings that will best your face?

Determine the type of face

Tout first, you need to establish what is the shape of your face. If you have trouble choosing a category, take a close-up photo plan, you can then draw the shape of your face on a program like Paint or Photoshop, or print your photo on a sheet and draw the shape of your face to the felt. The last method is to look in a mirror and draw his face directly on the ice, with an old red lips for example. Personally, I avoid this last method, but it’s has you to see! You will therefore fall into one of the following categories: rectangular, round, square, triangle, heart, diamond or oval. Today I’ll cover the faces of oval, round and square shapes.

Choose the type of earrings based on her face

La general rule is simple: you have to choose a form of earrings, opposite the shape of his face. With the exception of the oval face, who can wear anything. If your face is square (not rectangular, which would be a long face) and earrings in the shape of a drop of water, preferably long and hanging, you soften and you lie face.

Here are some examples for the square faces:

  • >> Earrings “Tree of Life” round and pending.
  • >> Ethnic earrings drop of water
  • >> Handmade dangling earrings

If your face is round, you also get curls that lie your face and to mitigate its roundness. The big round earrings are therefore avoided.

Here are some pearl earrings round faces:

  • >> Long and triangular earrings
  • >> Long feather-shaped earrings

The oval face, as I have already mentioned, has the shape the boilerplate and the more “neutral”. You need to just be careful not to wear too long loops, which risk too elongate your face.

Voila that’s it for this week, I’ll cover the rest of the forms and styles in a future article.

I’m lucky to have an oval face shape, but and you, did you determine the shape of your face?