How to Choose Fishing Rod

For some time are interested in fishing, but you have no idea what gear to take?

Wondering what gear can get?

You do not know what choice to hook you do?

Leave all these questions and read our tips for choosing the hook.

First, when you buy a fishing rod, always consider what your weight and height. Only you will feel much better if you buy too heavy or long rod and in an effort to catch any fish, you yourself rise to the bait. Well, that’s a joke. But it is quite real to happen if you brought your little heir to fish and you gave him too much hook. So if you are a novice fisherman, buy a medium telescope rod with a length of up to 4 m. And weighing up to 60 grams. Such a hook can be used for various reservoirs. Of course in the beginning you will have a slight inconvenience of throwing, but over time will get used. After the first few times, you can now choose another more convenient hook and return home with a great catch. You do not drive your wife that you go fishing and catch you from the nearby fishing shop, such as ANDREWFISHING.

In the following we present some of the most used fishing rods.

-Pole-guided telescope

These are universal pole. As stated above, these rods are suitable for amateur fishermen. Easy to use, compact and are easily transported. Not very long, but relatively mild. If placed and reel, the rod will have a much larger catch opportunities. You can capture small, medium, and why not some big fish. The length of these rods is between 3 and 5 m.


This rod is long between 4 and 8 meters. Depending on the length of the line are added and the corresponding guides. If fishing tool is five meters long, it will have 5 driver if the bait is six meters long respectively and drivers will be 6 etc.


This is the hook that offers be taken by a large distance. Heavy waggler makes it easier to earth. This is an extremely convenient hook if the weather is bad and the weather conditions are bad.

So dear ribaryu! If you want to read more about the different types of fishing rods and other fishing tools and tackles, or to buy a fishing rod, reel or other attribute fishing visit our fishing shop.