How to Choose Jeans According to Your Body Shape

Trouser jeans also known as denim, bluejean pants or denim pants trousers, is a classic that should not miss in the female wardrobe.

You can both be create casual looks, casual looks and elegant looks with jeans pants, only need to know how to combine it with precious heels and also with cute bags are elegant.

It is one of most used for everyday pants, then I leave you some tips so you know to choose the most suitable, according to your physical body and your figure jeans:

Thin women

For thin women I recommend the jeans that benefit its slenderness and that remarquen her curves balanced. For example; jeans with small back pockets, which have details and embroidery, decorations are perfect to make your figure look more bulky.

Another option from Ruizesolar is to opt for the jeans with front pockets: have highlighted stitching, embroidery and accessories, which do give your body more volume. It is very important to recommend the following: accompany the bluejean with clothes that also give volume to your silhouette. For that, you should opt for garments that are made with fabrics of silk cinched, satin, silk elastic, leather and other fabrics that are bright.

The stature

For those women thin and high, it is better that they opt to cut pants skinny pants or chupín. This type of pants is tight at the bottom, which are perfect for marking the shapes of his legs properly and without tightening them too much. If you are thin and high, don’t make the mistake of wearing pants too tight, since only accomplished to further highlight its thinness.

One of the highly recommended options for women thin and high, are the pants that have some details, with that at the height of the ankles will be enough to win a little more than volume and show off a slender body.

Women too low need to have jeans in their closet and that the height of the ankle are squaring. Another way to appear taller, is using fishing pants.

With curves

Women with curves very pronounced or gorditas, have to choose pants that not much highlight its forms. Jean pants that have big pockets and Netherlands, are ideal to conceal some abundant bubbles. Those pants with large pockets and lower, are perfect for women with not very bulky but large buttocks. If you have bulky out pumps, do not hesitate to buy jeans that do not have pockets.

To hide the legs filled or wider, with American or straight cut pants are ideal. Try the denim trousers do not take the forms of their thighs and much less your calves thighs. Rather, it is best to choose pants that are loose in the legs and tight at the waist. Better styling your figure, try to use all the pants with heels.