How to Choose Pajamas

Hello girls!

Personally, I always buy very nice pajamas and a little crazy crazy, but not comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep.

I am someone who is quite difficult and I’m quickly not good if I’m hot at night or if I’m tight, I always wondered what Pajamas is made for me, and how to choose?

Begin by asking the right questions that will allow you to make the right choice! As for example: did you be better in pants or shorts, do you tend to get hot at night, is that your room is heated, did you cover? And above all there is a sleepover for each shape so we can’t make a choice without taking into account some points.

Regarding me, I can never sleep without cover me in winter as in summer, so he took that I prefer a light and soft pajamas. I love be in pants after the top long as it is wide, I take! I love the cotton material I’m super good inside!

Today I present in this article Pajamas who pleasantly surprise, coming from the mark Arthur who is well known and I just tested for the first time!

I loved the material, the softness of the fabric and its lightness, I’m so much in the morning I can hardly remove it. Hahaha! I hope you’ll like my new pajamas bought from, anyway I’m crazy!