How to Choose the Color of a Tie

Access the Originality

We can not say it enough, the right choice of color usually is in the details that will brighten up the outfit. You might like the components of your shoes, your buttons, your wallet … there is a lot of opportunity and before thinking of combining colors, I have some final advice to offer:

  • Buy a dozen ties (or more!): We find the correct quality at affordable price. Plus you’ll models and better. However, if you do not know where to start, remember that a solid navy blue model will save your life most of the time because it is associated with almost everything.
  • Always be conscious of the material, it is the element that will determine the flagship rendering style. The materials are crucial for rendering color, brightness, life … making your parts, whatever they are, should always be part of your selection criteria.
  • In this, the plastics are to banish. I encourage you to not compromise. You’ll be even more motivated to take care of your belongings.
  • The matter is to promote the silk, but you can also choose wool knit ties.
  • Last attention to patterns: choose scratches and peas purposes. Discrete tone on tone patterns are also possible, but avoid especially large pattern repeats, excessive, or worse, drawings of animals, fruits, or even cartoon characters. Avoid finally tie effect ” artistic “like spots of paint or hazardous gradients.

And Black Tie?

This is a question a little difficult because if you know how to choose a tie, you know PARADISDACHAT  that we do not advocate the use of black.

However, black is useful in small buttons to mitigate resistance to too bright colors. You can also choose with patterns to mitigate the one-piece black appearance.

But I would still recommend to think twice and play instead with blue / dark gray, if you like dark ties.

Another exception to the black tie is very dressy look “smoking Cannes Film Festival”: black or gray suit with fitted pants cut cigarette and fitted jacket with notched collar, slim black tie, white shirt and black derbies. Add sparingly “spices” as the stubble, free hair and a pair of Rayban, and the account is good.

We Leave the Cameo!

It’s time to go to practice: the monochrome is a great tool for determining what can easily associate.

Remember, the easiest colors to associate are gray, blue and brown. The step above is done with burgundy, green and pastel colors. The bright colors and / or most original neon finally the most difficult to combine.

Let’s start with the association of the shirt. We said, you can try lots of things with a white shirt without cause. Apart from the shirt, if we instead consider the overall imaging of your outfit:

  • If dominance is brown / beige: select priority different shades of blue, green, red, more or less clear.
  • If dominance is in blue: you can stay in a lighter blue or cyan, or green, or give the “heat” with yellow, orange and red. Not to mention the magenta or pink (why not!)
  • If dominance is in gray: you can put almost everything, I recommend just brown and cyan which are too hard and seriously.
  • If dominance is in a particular color, such as cyan: you can easily couple with neighboring lines such as blue and green. You can also go with the opposite color to cyan, red.

And if my clothes have other colors?

If your outfit already has several colueurs, in this case a sober tie in gray or blue will do, as I mentioned to you at first. Always remember to maintain a balance between what is and what is voyeur discreet.

For example, a beige trench coat and a yellow shirt (bold) will be married with a brown plain tie.

And for the reasons?

If for you, the reasons are not something usual in your different looks, you have to adopt a phased manner by multiplying the point buttons.

  • Just a reminder, mix the ground with the solid color is a guarantee of security: If your costume is gray with blue stripes, you can put a blue tie as elegant choice.
  • Make out the small details: if you wear a suit “Prince of Wales” gray with a red line, go for a red tie with such small white or gray dots. As another detail to use, a particular tone laces of your shoes on your lapel, loop your belt …
  • Avoid identical patterns in shape and size. If you want to marry two stripes, choose a very fine tonal and greater contrast, for example a blue striped suit white tennis (in pinstripes spaced) and tie with thick stripes into thin diagonal, a hold so two very different patterns can work if the direction and width of the plots is not the same, especially if one is discreet and the other longer displayed.

The Class to Be with You

You are now ready to attach different ways your tie with your outfit, whether to put a suit or a more casual outfit. Always remember that if the look requires taking account of prior learning and that we should not do anything, however, combine colors is also a game!

You have a lot of information now, but I urge you not to take your head: just hold the shades if you’re new to the world of men’s style, and doing testing via different clothes that you can try with your ties in the cabins. The tie is still an accessory, it is more for you: it must adapt to the vest, waistcoat, or shoes. Once you have the basics in hand, you have fun!

What are your favorite neckties? What colors, what grounds? How do you match them? We are interested to know more, so feel free to give us a comment!