How to Choose the Pants Jeans According to Your Body Type

Today the jeans has become indispensable in the wardrobe of a lady. The jeans is a very good alternative to dress every day, since this can be an informal garment and even a casual garment, everything will depend on the design that has.

Apart from the design, there’s something more that impatient girls and is finding the perfect jeans, that left them fantastically well to your figure and go according to your style. If you have not found the type of perfect jeans for you, here in this post I will tell you as you must choose trousers ideal according to the body type you have:

* An important general rule you should know, is that there are the jeans of worn or clear colors, which help widening the figure, and the jeans of dark colors that make us see more thin, if you’re a chubby woman and want to hide those extra pounds, I recommend you to use dark colors such as blue jeans in

In your closet should have at least one cowboy dark and neutral, that way you can have a versatile jeans, which combines with everything you get.

* If you’re a woman who has broad hips, always opt for the dark jeans, these will make you disguise the size of your hips. So this area is felt less, should use the straight cut jeans, also must look that the seams of the trousers are dark and not have accessories that highlight the width of the hips or make it more bulky.

Say goodbye to tweezers, since these are a detail that increase the size of the hips, in the same way if you are a woman who loves patterns, seeks, to be very small, since if you choose trousers with very large figures only you’ll be expanding more your forms. The shot should be medium or high, because low shots enlarged over the hips. And the waist should also be high or medium, and much better if is back to make you see more thin.

* In contrast to women with few hips, to apply strategies are others. To begin with, always opt for pants that carry pockets back, since these details will make your hips look sharp. For thin girls you feel them very well pants with side details whether pockets or tacks.

In what refers to cuts, jeans type skinny pants with low waist favors much girls with few hips, this type of jeans even proportions emphasizing more the part of the hips. Another good option to raise the hips, are the jeans with prints.

* Now we will talk about the Petite girls, there are several options to choose jeans that make them see higher for them. First discarded the cut jeans low, in these cases the most recommended are high-waist pants, as these, make legs look longer.

The cut will be the proportion of hips you have; Now you have them or not, the recommendations of regarding the shooting of the jeans will be which stands out for this body type.

* Women who are tall and thin, figure are lucky, since their forms allow them to carry any cutting and model. To this type of body, feel them very well to the hip jeans such as the skinny or straight-cut. When you go to the shops don’t be afraid to try and choose the jeans that best fits your style.