How to Choose The Right Pantyhose

In the cold of winter, our body often disappears under the layers of fabric dark.

The tights are the perfect accessory to bring finesse color and originality to his allure without breaking its PEL.

Patterns, colours, effects, there is a model adapted to each outfit.

Let’s see how to properly choose and match the tights.

  1. The black tights

Black tights are not there to be noticed, but just to complete an outfit.

When in doubt, opt for very opaque tights (40/50 deniers) that are flattering for all legs.

Transparent tights are sexy and can grow a slightly strong leg: handle with care.

Young women below them doing well: the one with the blue skirt because it breaks their side transparent with Martens docs and the one with the red dress because she associated a floating skirt more innocent than provocative.

  1. The colored tights

2.1 Wear colored with black tights

Colored tights can transform a total black look in a sharp silhouette.

In the street

2.2 Wearing of leather leggings colored in a harmony of colors

Leather leggings can also be combined with other colored pieces to create a harmony of colors to work. Here are some examples from lawschoolsinusa for combining leggings in work place:

Harmony fall/classic: dress Navy Blue and white / Burgundy tights and cognac leather

Classy girls wear pearls

Why does t-it? Because the Navy Blue and Burgundy are complementary it is located opposite on the color spectrum and the leather and white are neutrals.

Harmony arty/Bohemia

Ecru top with colorful patterns + mustard scarf and purple skirt + olive tights + boots in leather-red lips-nails blue pale

What avalanche of colors! And yet that matches even though the famous rule of three colors which you have certainly heard about is cheerfully violated.

Why does t-it? Firstly because the lady has a talent for color association. Then casually because there are only three main colors, two of which are neutral, and that others do office retail. Watch her top to understand the key to its look: it has orange printed Ribbons that match with mustard scarf and leather boots, purple ribbons that go with the dress, associated with lipstick red ribbons, ribbons blue light of the same colour as her nails and olive to go with her pantyhose ribbons. And all this on a background ecru so neutral.

Well, I must admit that it was the level expert, but think about this type of associations to well married colors!

Warm beige autumn harmony

Camel coat + camel one dress your darker + bag brown leather boots in brown leather + Maroon tights

Ashley Ording

Why does t-it? As I said in my previous articles, neutral colors blend with all. Therefore, it is always a good idea to add more than one between them. Here, the warm neutrals (which contain a hint of yellow, like the beige) are spicy by bordeaux leggings (yet a warm color).

Fashion is a little kitchen ^^

Fresh autumn harmony

Beige coat + light grey top + dark grey Cap + camel bag + boots in camel leather and white wool + Navy Blue skirt + Mint green tights

Why does t – it? Yet once the secret lies in the combination of cold and warm neutrals (gray, beige camel) and the flash of color made by pantyhose. You will notice that the Navy Blue fits this harmony: for me, this color can be considered a neutral because she married pretty closely with everything.