How to Choose the Right Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are an essential and useful fashion accessories. They feature both aesthetic and practical. For department stores are the glasses, along with a gift shop, the largest income. And for us, represent another way to express personal style. Despite the fact that with the advent of every season you get lots of new shapes, most men remain with the classics. Sunglasses can not only buy the style and appearance. More care must be taken on the shape of your face. Here are five shapes of faces and glasses that are suited to them.

1st Round Face
If your cheekbones are slightly wider than the jaw, you have a round face. Another indicator may be round the chin, which is symmetrical with the front. The most suitable sunglasses for your face are broad, square / round and thick-rimmed glasses. Such spectacles visually complement the entire face and visible lines. When combined with the outfits you can change and play with thick frames. Blazer sport to a wider, softer the leather jacket. Recommended shape: Wayfarer.

Second oval face
basically the same wide cheekbones and jaw, forehead and chin in symmetry. As for sunglasses, you’ve got the greatest happiness. You can afford almost anything. Experiment with different shapes and thickness of the frames as you want. Symmetry of your face ensures that the aesthetic can not go wrong. But the fact remains that for a significant chunk looked good, must have sufficient confidence wearer. Recommended shape: Round, strong frames.

Third angular face
broad forehead and wide jaw. These are the characteristics of the angular face, which is considered the most attractive. If your face sharp edges, it is good to soften the whole look thin-rimmed glasses with a rounded shape. If you will wear square glasses off your face becomes a block.Recommended shape: round version of the Wayfarer.

Fourth triangular face
if you have a wide forehead, cheekbones and narrower jaw and chin, reach for the aviator shape. Glasses worn by a famous aviators are rounded triangular and mostly thin-rimmed glasses. Perfectly suited for casual and retro paradisdachat. Recommended shape: Aviators / aviator sunglasses.

5th elongated face
narrower, but longer face? It needs to compensate something round. Club master sunglasses are characterized by two types of frames. They are not completely round and elongated faces give coveted interesting accent.Combine with retro outfits / university look. Very well suited to this year’s trend shirts of the fifties. Recommended shape: rounded edges / round with interesting frames.

Glasses in the gallery are numbered individual categories that tell you what to choose.