How to Choose the Right Tablecloth

You want to choose LA tablecloth for your table? Size, shape, type of fabric or color are all criteria that will influence your choice! You need to see more clearly? So follow our tips!

What sheet-like form for any table?

There are webs adopting many forms, including square, rectangular and round. Each of these sheets especially designed for a specific table format. However, you can also, in some cases, opt for a web form different to that of your table. For example, a rectangular table can perfectly suit an oval table. However, in this case, be sure to align the corners during installation, so your table does not appear visually distorted. Note: to enjoy a more beautiful fallen, lay a fleece on your table before asking your tablecloth! More at

What size for my table?

Do not choose too short a tablecloth on the sides. For a nice visual effect, the cable should ideallyfall about 30 cm around the table. So plan ideally 60 cm longer than the width of your table for a nice fall. If you need a nice juponné effect, be sure to provide 5 to 10 cm over both sides. Note: do not forget to consider your extension, in your calculations!
Tablecloths: different tissues

Can not decide between several tissues? Just make your choice according to the use you intend to make your table. For example, outside the linen cloths are convenient because resistant and easy to maintain. For the table of food in your kitchen or your living room, think about the layers coated cotton, cleaning is a simple sponge!

Table: a decorative choice

The choice of a tablecloth is very important if you are nursing your decor. Because if your tablecloth to protect your table, it also helps to be more beautiful. Good news for colors such finishes, the tablecloths are based on your desires! Today, fashion is chic and sober colors such as gray or beige as well as more sustained tones like yellow or blue. The grounds are also in view.

For more gaiety every day, think for example to change ply the seasons. In summer, choose a colorful tablecloth, Mediterranean-inspired for example. In the winter, opt for more sober shades such as taupe or gray pearl. Be guided by your inspirations of the moment! You’re spoiled for choice on the site Françoise Saget! Note: do not forget to decorate your nice round table trend towels and ceramic weight to hang on your tablecloths!

Latest tips on choosing your tablecloth

Can not decide between several layers? Some final advice to inform your choice:
• Occasion, prefer tablecloths ensuring that it fits your dishes;
• The tablecloths grounds are perfect outdoors. They instantly bring cheerfulness to any meal;
• Remember to choose the colors of your tablecloth to match your home decor. For example, if you have a red kitchen, you can turn to the light or dark gray cloths and all neutral colors. If your kitchen is in natural wood, apple green or pastel blue will look great!

Select the table that suits your usage and your decor needs. Choose from a wide range of models of all shapes and colors!

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