How to Choose The Right Tights

Once it is cold, there is the question of sticky. It is true that it seems easier not to linger and don pants instead of the question which to choose in front of his wardrobe. And yet, you’re missing the golden opportunity you feel feminine and well dressed .Follow my guide sticky autumn winter, and promised you will not get cold your gams!

Ah tights…: Not always easy to wear tights good as its problems: riding breeches? Strong calves? a round stomach? Serve you tips in this fact sheet to mitigate the shortcomings of your legs through pantyhose. You can download it now by clicking on this button below:

What you should know about the basic tights

Pantyhose black opaque are essential for your wardrobe. They are entitled to a nicer, curvy legs and thus lengthen the silhouette. They are worn with everything!However careful not to mix them with too much black, the result can be “austere”. I advise you in the case of a black dress and black tights, wear shoes of different color.Or add over your tights a pair of thick socks in gray wool for example. You can easily fold them in your flat shoe or heel for comfort and effect more cozy.

A tip for chilly is to double the opaque black tights to be more warm. And this is where the question all arise. Size information for my tights? Personally, I think not the only one in this case, I hate that the elastic belt holds me, the sticky down, especially compressed into a sticky feel, that’s why I can only suggest you to take half or more in size . This detail makes the difference. Making a size 36/38, I take in tights size M or size 40. I assure you it changes life!

In the category of essential tights, we can also add the sticky black semi-transparent . This tack is fond of your wardrobe, it is doing more in fall or spring and winter. I advise you to choose this good quality sticky, and if you like, the more sophisticated-select with a seam at the back. This small detail retro always has its effect!

Colored tights

Dare color leggings! The tricks to wear leggings are simple to do their effect, according to Thembaprograms.

1 / Play the tonal

If your skirt or dress is the color “nude”, hear soft pink, trying to find leggings of the same hue. American Apparel tights you will find all the colors. Vary the pleasures choosing their more or less pronounced opacity. Remember to choose warmer tights for winter, such as those containing wool for example.

Pay special attention not to “swear”  by choosing shoes that do not match. For example my skirt and tights “nude”, it is best to stay in the shoes style “babies” or open toed shoes for the “baby doll” side to stay in the atmosphere of the silhouette.You can also tell you fatale woman choosing red pumps. By cons, avoid wearing black boots that do not fit with the spirit of this outfit because too trenches and in a spirit rock too far from the atmosphere we want to create in this outfit.

2 / Stay in shades

If you can not find the exact same color, great! Try to choose a sticker that is closest to the color of your dress or skirt. Example, if I wear a coral-colored skirt, wearing a tacky brick color will be very suitable. This is actually staying in monochrome or color range of your set. Be careful not to lose yourself in the colors. It speaks well of shades of one color, in my example the base color is red, because it varies from red brick to coral.

If you add a third neutral color such as black or brown, the effect will be just as successful. Try not to exceed three colors and repeat the color of your top with the color of your boots for example.