How to Choose Your Camping Tent

There are several things to consider when buying a tent. There are shops for all types of uses (Camping, Trekking, cycling, mountain) and of various sizes (from 2 up to 8 people). It is usually preferable to sleep tight to carry too much weight. Then explain the different ways that there is to classify and differentiate the tents.

According to their shape
· Canadian tents: Type Canadian camping shops are the most characteristic, the typical triangular tents. Its main drawback is that the roof of the shop is fastened with a stick that goes on the inside of the tent, on the back. This stick can often annoy when placing a mattress and children can pull it if running. In addition, not all the space that could be inside the tent is optimized.

  • Igloo tents: Camping igloo type of tents are the most used. Instead of the subject with a post as the Canadians, igloo tents have a system of intertwined flexible rods that give carapace of turtle, hence its name. Within the category igloo there is a variant called stores Pop’up, since are shops of camp that opens solas to launch them into the air. Tents Pop’up are very practical, light and easy to transport, ideal for romantic getaway.
  • Pavilion tents: Type Pavilion camping tents have a structure strong and tough, but with a more permanent character. Is the typical tent camp military base.
  • Family tents: These camping tents are a hybrid between igloo tents and the Pavilion, being very high and resistant stores that fit various rooms and compartments, so the entire family can enjoy the camping.

According to its use or time of year
· Tents for 2 stations: 2 camping tents are ideal for summer temperatures. Its interior material is of a very fine fabric, breathable, and allows not to accumulate too much heat on the inside of the tent, but also offers a good watertightness of face the storms of summer.

  • 3 stations tents: These camping tents are ideal for end of spring, summer and early fall. They hold a little more low temperatures and its impermeability is greater than that of the campsite of two stations stores.
  • 4 seasons or high mountain tents: 4-season, or high mountain camping stores, are more resilient and resistant to wind and rain fabric. They tend to be igloo-type and have a greater number of rods stores of 3 stations, to offer a superior wind resistance. Care! Stores protected from wind and rain, but not from the cold. It is important to choose a sleeping bag that suits our needs.

According to your size

It is usually preferable to sleep tight to carry too much weight. Our tents are classified according to the number of people who fit into its interior. The calculation of the number of persons corresponds to 50cm wide by people. Therefore, in a campsite for 4 people tent holds really 3 people comfortably, leaving room to let three backpacks. Our tents are classified in the following way.

  • Tents for 2 persons
    · Tents for 3 people
    · Tents for 4 persons
    · Tents for 5 people or more

Occasionally, it may be that you needed large tents or family tents. They tend to be common in camping with friends, family or in large camps with walkers, escorts, sherpas, or boys scouts.

 Other important features

Once we know what kind of store we want, for what time of year and how much capacity, there are a couple of additional features which should be controlled:

Weight: On many occasions, especially if one is climbing or cycling, the weight of the tent takes great importance. In those cases, there are shops and ultra-light camping bags such as hiking, biking , and pop uptents, or the Microlight sacks or Light sac, that do not reach or 1 kg of weight.

Material: There are mainly two types of materials that the canvases of camping tents are made: the cotton and Nylon. Cotton presents a greater breathability while Nylon is stronger.

Waterproofing: It is what will protect us from the weather. The unit of measure for the water-tightness is usually expressed in cubic cm of water. To measure the impermeability of a tent, water collects in a tube sealed with tent canvas and measured the amount of water that may accumulate until the tissue begins to lose its impermeability. I.e., if a shop has 5,000 cubic mm of water column, it means making missing 5 cm 2 of water in the tube in contact with the store canvas so that the water begins to leak through the canvas.

Accessories for the store: When you buy your tent remember to check that you have all the accessories. In addition to the ground, shop and double roof, check that you have all the picks, winds, harness, and other accessories needed to assemble and anchor store. Also can be very useful accessories such as the mosquito, a lantern, a closet, etc…