How to Choose Your Jeans

Bootcut, Skinny, Straight, High Waisted, Boyfriend… There are more than a dozen different cuts of jeans and as many possible choices. Yes, but in the middle of all these names, you may feel a little lost (e) s?…

New Look helps you see more clearly by revealing all morphological tips to know in order to choose YOUR jeans-one that fits your body shape and in which you will feel good.

Before you start talking morphologies-“My cheriiiiiiiiiiiie” – do a quick recap of cuts of jeans available in your New Look stores and on the website.

These five models are most likely by our clients! Of course, New Look offers also cuts more flared “Bootcut” and even “Flare” models to get a small revival 70 s!

Now silhouettes!

Silhouette ‘A’-Jessica Alba

Your shoulders are rather narrow and wider hips. New Look recommend Cup bootcut and flared cut. Prefer the darker washes that refine! Avoid too low size, jeans with rounded pockets, too light colors.

Silhouette ‘X’ – Jennifer Lopez

Balance between the shoulders and hips, your size is pronounced – allowed! In general, all styles of jeans are suitable for your body, don’t be afraid to wear colors and cuts some brought as high – waist jeans High Waisted – or the jegging.

Silhouette ‘H’ – Cara Delevingne

Your size is little or not marked, which gives you a silhouette “boyish” totally in tune with the times. Jeans which gives more shape to the butt and who draws a size, such as the straight, flared cut jeans or skinny is the best choice for you. Prefer the pockets (with details) on the back. Avoid jeans without true form (exit the jeans you love but you were wearing already when you spend your tray of french).

Silhouette Y – Jennifer Lawrence

Generous chest and broad shoulders, your size is modest but sometimes you leave a little belly. New Look would recommend ‘ the illusion ‘ drawing you a size in wearing flared cuts, bootcut and other skinny models. Prefer dark for a silhouette that appears thinner colors. Avoid low-rise jeans to keep your little belly in place!

Don’t forget that also has a great range of maternity jeans for the large (Collection Tall available online), the small (small online collection), round (collection inspired, both online and in stores) and future mothers (maternity, online and in-store collection).