How to Clean Hot Water Bottle

The hot water bottles are used as a physical application of the upper abdomen, in order to better stimulate the purification of toxins, stones and bile from the liver. While wants the traditional European medicine using the hot water bottle in conjunction with a cloth soaked in castor oil, using a hot water bottle on its own is sufficient to support the gallbladder and detoxification liver.

  • Take a water bottle and fill it with boiled water.Tap water is fine for the purposes of cleaning.The water bottle will lose heat quickly while being used, so keep a fresh pot of boiling water and ready to use before applying the hot water bottle made by
  • Wrap the hot water bottle in a thick cloth that has been soaked in castor or simply water oil.In addition to allowing beneficial oils to soak in the heated skin, a cloth to protect your skin against the burning hot water bottle.Never go to sleep while using this application. If the hot water bottle is in direct contact with the skin for a period of time, may cause burns.
  • Leave the hot water bottle to stay for 30 to 60 minutes.During this period, replace the boiled water in the hot water bottle if it begins to cool.
  • Repeat the process each day for three days for optimal results, according to University of Maryland Medical Center. During this time, drink lots of water, increase dietary fiber with vegetables and whole grains and to talk with your healthcare professional if you plan to do any other type of cleaning, such as olive oil and clean lemon.
  • If you have liver problems or gall bladder pre-existing, talk with your health care provider before trying this cleaning.Using warm applications on the abdomen can cause bile ducts to dilate, making it easier to pass stones from the gallbladder.Although it may be beneficial, a gallbladder stone shelter or get stuck in the bile duct can cause serious injury.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you experience any discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, pain or fever during this cleaning, discontinue use of the hot water bottle and see a doctor.