How to Clean up the Closet

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Often the cabinet is a comprehensive space for things that do not have their place. Cluttered clothing, footwear, gifts, and other small things, it serves as a repository of objects, the existence of which you may not even remember. Fortunately, to make out the accumulation of junk in the closet and put things in order there, take only one day, and with our advice you can manage to keep it clean so for many years to come.


For the organization of the order in a case the first thing it must be cleaned. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and clothes that you do not like or does not fit. If you still difficult to part with some things, try to remove them in a box and move to another storage location – in the pantry or under the bed. The smaller things in your closet, the easier it is to maintain order there according to the blog –

Transparent Containers

In plastic containers to store things very convenient, because their transparency makes it easy to identify the contents of the cabinet. For a start they should be numbered, and then create an electronic or a paper list of things that are in each container. Leave space for new clothes, you want to buy in the future, and do not forget to add purchased items on the list. When you take out something from the container, be sure to return to the place. If you want to throw the thing on top of the container with the intention of later removed, it is better not to do so, as many people tend to forget his promise and soon returned to the mess again.

Small steps that will help you organize things in the closet:

Place in a closet clothes according to the season and other things clean;

All sort by category and color;

Use hangers to spend closet space more efficiently;

Long dresses better to hang at the end of a hanger, so you have room for containers;

Engage the inner surface of the door by placing the hooks for belts, necklaces and clutches.

Habit to Maintain Order

Every year it is necessary to analyze the contents of the closet, getting rid of the clothes and shoes that you wore for the last time. Re-examining the clothes that you do not have the right size, to assess the real likelihood of it to climb before it goes out of fashion. Over time, things will accumulate again, so it is important to carry out regular cleaning. And remember that to be organized – it is not an event, and regular activities, which turn into a habit.