How to Combine Leggings

Harmony preppy

Navy blue dress with white peas + black boots jacket light grey + sticky mustard

Why does t-it? Thanks to the explanations above I’m sure that you already have the answer ^^

Finally, I give you examples of color associations to avoid

-Here it stings the eyes! Certainly the lady has retained his rule of the three colours but she did not skimp in the choice of the latter! No neutral to soften the whole and rude reminders (tights/collar).

-Peter Pan? Not just a lady in green tights in green boots of the same hue.

-Nice try pretty lady but with this top mustard of the same shade as your tights, looks like you have put on a suit of superwoman. Even if the colors are less aggressive than the first picture, we lack once again neutral to soften everything.

-Below the colors are more subtle but too close to each other: you can not clearly discern the color of tights with shorts.

The pantyhose to effects

  1. In regards to the colors of tights, see you in the previous points3.1 To seam tights

    This type of tights is inspired by downs were necessarily a seam. The latter had become such a symbol of femininity that between the wars, it was hard to get down, women drew false seams at the back of their legs!

    Today, fashion is always responsible for a connotation both mode and seductive.

    This type of sticky being very sexy, I advise you to wear with stylish clothes and classes as an a-line for example.

    And I ask you not to follow the example of the Lady below who has probably associated with all imaginable vulgar parts together. Ouch.

    3.2 The fishnet tights

    Fishnet tights have a sulfurous connotation that I advise you to temper to do not seem vulgar… or punk (in the bad sense of the word).

    Associate them to a classic outfit or dédramatisez them with a Bohemian style of leggings featured on

    Notice to the daring, nude mesh is really sweet with a retro and stylish look with a minimalist style. Bonus: it’s sublime legs (approved by the dancers of the Moulin Rouge).

    1. 3 The Original Effects

    Tights with a surprising effect can totally revolutionize an outfit.

    I personally wear a lot!

    The trick is to not mix them with other grounds, exactly as does the blogger Miss Pandora below.

    Or like on this photo shoot with these beautiful stickers effect mode flakes fish.

    Gaspard Yurkievich for wreath

    Add stickers to print to an outfit that already contains a lot is rarely a good idea. Sorry Blair.

    And when you have round legs, I recommend not wearing this sticky type that accentuates the curves without magnify them.

    3.3 Prints

    More print is little more he made the fine leg.

    Dotted heart