How to Defend with a Computer System

Artificial Defense is a game available for the past couple of weeks on Android and iOS, while Steam is being approved on Greenlight. It is a kind of real time strategy that draws on both the world of tower defense than to that of so-called “orbital shooter”-those games where you have to bombard from distant enemies. The setting will appeal to older school geek: the game takes place inside a computer, and our task is to defend your system resources from attack by malicious programs. A minimal graphics (processed) reminiscent of the immortal Tron completes the work; fun touch by including a “DJ” program responsible for the soundtrack, which never fails to scratch on vinyls alongside the virtual battlefield.

The gameplay consists of three different tuners: the defensive part consists in placing defenses so stragegico on the battlefield; the offensive in bombarding the virus with all sorts of weapons and Cannon; the strategic part where we have to regain and maintain mainframe areas fallen under enemy control.

Artificial Defense is challenging yet addictive, and filled with small found funny that contribute to the player’s involvement: for example, the “currency” with which to enhance their defense towers and their weapons is the RAM. By the way, is not a pay-to-win title or free-to-play -or at least not in the negative sense that has now acquired. The game is available for free, but the only in-app purchase in mind, from 2.44 €, unlock the full version. On iOS, however, there’s not even that-for now, at least. The developer also speaks of “other platforms” scheduled tasks, but does not say explicitly which; for Windows there is some hope.