How to do Makeup for Carnival

The final makeup of Carnival series is to be Indian, with the right advice you can do that trick within minutes and with ease.

The realization of this make-up is very simple and fairly quick, everything we need is masking tape, two fatty colors (red and white), three eyeshadows (red, black and white), talcum powder and sponges.

We begin now to create our design with masking tape that will allow us to get the lines and precise form.The first piece of tape you’re going to settle just above the eyebrows the second just below the eyes. With the color red fat let’s cover the entire area bounded and with a sponge dab in order to even out the color.
Tamponiamo over with talcum powder to fix everything being careful eye; fat colors tend to go in the folds so keep the eye closed, you can dab with a sponge and then fixed with the talcum powder.

After this step with a large brush clean everything and we raise a red eye shadow laugh vibrancy and tone color. With a black eye shadow to give depth eyes starting from the inside, at the base of the nose and blending well to the outside and outlining the crease of the eye. Check HEALTHKNOWING for how to do carnival makeup.

With a flat bristle brush to fetch another black eye shadow and following the natural line of the lower ‘ eye define a line going to fade towards the eyebrow.
The Indians have eyes with a more elongated shape of our so we have to give the same feeling with the trick: to mention even more this effect using a black pencil inside the eye that will lessen. That is done, use a white fat, and with the help of scotch go under the eyes and create just below the red part a white line.

With a small flat brush ‘m going to decorate the white line drawing of small sections both above and below, as if they were dots along the entire length. Dabbed here with talcum powder to fix everything and review with a white eye shadow.

Wanting to add another colorful detail on the front I take the tape and help me to get a triangle. Those of this red, always with the fat color, fixed and tipping off with the ‘red eye shadow and the black do a gradient that starts from the hairline and progresses downward.

With white fat create dots around this triangle and the first at the base of the nose-shaped earrings.

I finish the trick with a flesh-colored lipstick and if you have a band to add feathers and a costume suitable for makeup, you’ll be perfect for the carnival. Have fun!