How to Dress For a Winter Wedding

Let’s face it: every time we receive an invitation to a wedding, instead of rejoicing for the couples who will crown short their dream of love, the first thing that comes to mind is that we must immediately begin the search for the perfect look to show off your wedding day so you do not look bad in front of all other invited. Decide how to dress for a wedding is never easy and if during the holiday season just a pretty dress fluttering, sandals and a beautiful make-up be perfect without much effort, in winter frost and freezing temperatures definitely complicate things and require us to think about even the smallest details because, in addition to make a good impression, we can not risk dying of cold.

And then there are the well-known rules of good taste that you should never forget: no to white, the color of the bride, no aggressive or vulgar look, no to necklines and slits, yes to black , only if mixed with colored accessories.

There are so many things to think about, but with a little ‘patience will not be difficult to find the right outfit!

I’ve got created three, come and discover them!

1° look

If you participate marriage takes place in the daytime and you are certain that it will be an informal ceremony, choose a skirt midi (Topshop € 75) and wear it with a warm wool sweater (Zara € 35.95). To complete the look, opt for a pair of boots ( Mango € 89.99), or a pair of court shoes if you prefer to add a more feminine touch, a rigid clutch ( Max & Co. € 99), an elegant coat ( COS € 190 ) and earrings ( Accessorize € 7.90).

2° look

Another option that you have available in the event that the marriage takes place the day the suit. You can choose the classic black suit that you have used a thousand times to go to work and show it off with a blouse and colorful shoes or you can take the opportunity to regalarvene a new one. I selected a blue suit of Jil Sander , but around are also proposed at an affordable price.To complete the outfit I chose a white (shirt Mango € 39.99), a pair of navy blue décolleté ( Zara€ 59.95), a clutch ( Coccinelle € 88) and a pair of earrings with pearls ( of Sno Sweden 27 €).

3° look

If the wedding you have in the program takes place in the evening and you have to show off a more elegant look, betting on the clothes: the choice is so wide that it will not be hard to find the perfect one for you. I chose the long laminated jersey dress by Max & Co. (169 €) and I paired with a pair of silver sandals Sergio Rossi (256 € – available on Yoox ), to an angular black coat Zara (99.95 €), a black clutch (Selected Femme € 70 – available on Zalando ) and a pair of earrings with Swarovski crystals and LouLouCreativeLab (45 €).