How to Dress to Go to the Beach

This is not because you are on holiday at the seaside it takes neglecting your look! Swimsuit, beach dress, sarong, hat and glasses … our fashion advice you to compose a practical and feminine outfit at the beach.

How to Dress to Go to the Beach

The Swimsuit: the Main Part of Your Beachwear

When we go to the beach, the swimsuit is of course the basic garment. Take the time to choose it! A good swimsuit should put your curves, hide your little flaws, but above all put you at ease. Side forms, you are spoiled for choice. Between bikini, trikini, the jersey one-piece or two-piece, you will easily find the swimsuit you.

Choosing Your Beach Dress

To move easily from the beach to the city, the beach dress is ideal. Choose an beachwear xxl in a smooth and breathable for more comfort. It must also be easy to undo and to (avoid closures in the back!). You can opt for a slightly transparent beach dress; subtly reveal your bathing suit or beach dress with lace games, which will look great on your tanned skin. Long dresses are also popular in summer: they make a perfect little bohemian touch for the holidays. Alternatively, opt for a pretty colorful sarong that you can build a thousand and one ways. Convenient for you to many different dresses with one garment!

Remember the Fashion Accessories for the Beach!

To complete your outfit, it will now have to choose the right accessories. To protect yourself from the sun (and play a little star), choose a hat with wide brim and sunglasses trend. As for shoes, we can build on the thongs, practical and timeless, or compensated on sneakers, which are perfect for lengthening the silhouette. Unless you prefer the waterproof ballerinas, the must-have summer?