How to Find a Bra that Fits You


Like many women, your Bras do not really adapt to your chest? Be aware that it is not the size or the CAP should look at first.

It is a fact, a vast majority of women buy a bra that does not suit them because they do not really know their size. And even in spite of information on the subject, said bra does not have the desired effect. Depending on the brand of lingerie ThirdLove, quoted by the English The Mirrorsite, largest wouldn’t be the size or the cap of the breasts… but their shape.

Actually need to know the width, depth of the breasts and the way in which they fall when playing sports. According to PSYKNOWHOW.COM, there are seven different forms of bras: round, East-West, side, asymmetrical, bell-shaped, slender, in drops of water.

7 forms of breasts: which one is yours?

For round breasts: a thin bra without Underwire as they are also curved underneath as above.For the “East-West” breasts: this type of chest is recognizable when the nipples are pointing outwards. The BRA ‘push up’ is to restore the balance. For breasts “aside”: the gap between this type of breasts is important but the nipples remain front, a padded bra…

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