How to Look Slimmer for Plus Size

More often than not, when a woman looks in the mirror, nine times out of ten you don’t like: it’s a small or a large, belly, hips, thighs and big legs put a strain on the self-esteem so much that not even the assurances of trusted friends, husbands or boyfriends can help. Most women want tolook taller and thin, hiding with clothes what most bothers the (hateful rolls of flab, belly, butt …). Here’s how to avoid those little daily dramas in front of the mirror, by learning how to choose the right look, removing the closet all those huge heads (suits, sweaters and baggy trousers) that worsen the situation.

How to Look Slimmer for Plus Size

10 tips to follow to look thinner

  1. Strong point: the neckline!
    Choose dresses with a beautiful neckline, that would highlight your cleavage, shifting the focus away from the rest of the body.
  2. No pleats and ruffles: leaders with ruffles, folds or very ornate fabrics add volume to the body, better choose softer fabrics, plain, no frills.
  3. You to black: clothing in black is always the right choice, total black is ok, but can tire out, especially in the warmer season dare with colors and patterns; choose black garments to hide those critical points, matching them with pieces in contrasting colours.

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If the problem is a bit of bacon, you can hide it by wearing a black t-shirt under a full tone on tone colored pantolone.

4.Skirt: just pick the right one: you are tall and chubby? The long skirt suits you best, the length must be below the knee to stretch the shape and make you look slimmer; If you are Nabil, better a skirt that falls just at the knee, because the long skirts can make you seem lower.

5.Monochrome: winning choice! A good tip is to choose clothes and accessories of the same hue, would divert attention from critical points making it look slimmer.

6.No to bijoux tacky: the smaller accessories refine an imposing figure, especially when it comes to necklaces, best to avoid those that are too bulky. Also for earrings, simplicity always helps!

7.Fantasy wear is ok!

Creating an optical illusion, the dresses with patterned fabric deceive the eye making it look slimmer. Beware though:
-flowers, drawings, diagonal lines, zig zag, geometric prints, abstract, optical.
– no horizontal and vertical stripes, widen the silhouette!

8.An intimate secret: lingerie!
Many women do not give importance to “what is not seen” the neglect or put it into the background when it is of primary importance because it can help very curvy women. The bra should always be in top shape, rigid: who has a generous breasts should pick it out with cups that give control and opaque and avoid push-up models that highlight breast making it too vulgar.

For those who are able to bear them, camisoles or bodices can even go well; to streamline the “lower parts” you can use supportive underwear shapewear garments, namely that which balances the silhouette, clothes which are not sexy but that make sexy (did you know that there are models with microcapsules anti cellulite?).
Attention to the choice of the right size: it should not be too big (hardly anything), nor too small to avoid that belly, butt and various rolls come out of the sheath.

9.The size has to be the right one: the clothes worn are not miracles and not magically reduce your silhouette (maybe!), but choosing the right size is key to not look like a sack of flour. Attention to the choice:
-Leaders too wide: they add volume to the figure, making it appear even more fat.
-Tight fitting garments: highlight all the weaknesses and all the odious excess ringonfiamenti and rolls.

10.Eye on the heel!
The heels should be use as possible because I really slender figure: even if your shoes don’t have a very high heel, those centimeters more help your legs to appear longer, making them seem even more slender.

One last piece of advice. Think Positive!

Attitude and positive thinking are the winners, with sober and love yourself!
Aimed at the beauty in you, do not hide yourself, consider everything with a nice clothes, a nice accessory, shoes, make upright and take out the smile! You have found useful this advice?