How to Loosen a Pencil Skirt

Skirt pencil, pumps and white blouse: sick of this infernal triptych which is your office attire? We also. Here are 3 ways to wear this must-see, meeting at the restaurant.

It must be said, a relationship complicated with the pencil skirt. Too strict, too tight, too cliché, we balk more to wear. Yet difficult to get, especially when you work in environments not frankly hipsters or to attend an important meeting. So, do we do? We adapted it to its morphology.

What pencil skirt to what morphology?

As thin as a twig? Focus is on models textured, like a leather or wool pencil skirt, which will give THREERGROUP a bit of forms and volumes. Conversely, if one feels more Lara Stone than Kate Moss, let’s focus on finer materials and sober colors like black, gray and bordeaux that will help swing the silhouette. Finally, we hesitate to opt for a split model, this small detail facilitating in no small way our approach and making the well more passable pencil skirt on a daily basis. Nothing worse indeed have to spend his day to walk like a penguin, as sexy as you.

How to make a pencil skirt?

Once its model of choice selected, simply to adapt her pencil skirt to fashion and its desires of the moment. However, some “don’t” remain rigorous even, and especially, in the 21st century. The duo skirt pencil-shoes? Unless mode or star of streetstyle blogger, forget.In a society having seen parade Fanny Ardant, Mad Men, and Cristina Cordula, this silhouette is definitely associated in the collective memory the ultra-sexy, not necessarily the most distinguished Secretary.

“We wear what suddenly, sneakers?” Yes, we can go in sneakers at the office, provided you choose the right pair. You can also choose the middle ground and opt for the Derby or to small boots heels, as we explained in our three ways to wear the pencil skirt.