How to Make Chair Covers and Pillow Cases

Sofa or armchair covers are a simple and economical way of keeping our furniture in good condition, especially if you have at home, children or pets. In this sense, covers help to protect our upholstery, which otherwise desgastaría in a short time. In this way we avoid having to buy furniture every so often, because that simply changing the cover will have the feeling of being release.

Throughout the following entries you are going to show a easy tutorial to refresh and protect the look of your sofa from inclement weather and children through covers.

Buy covers for chairs

In any shop of furniture or textiles products, such as you can find without problems an lot of different cases, so just choose one whose dimensions come you well, as well as hitting with the color and design. How much cost? The price varies depending on the quality, but you don’t want to buy something that is going to break in two days. The average for a cover of an armchair cost may be about 20 euros, while for a sofa, whose surface is greater, we can go up to 30.

As mentioned, you will have a wide range of designs to choose which you prefer or which best matches your home decor. However, it is perfectly possible to not find anything with what you feel good and at this single case we have the option of making our own case. Don’t worry, it is not complicated, and the only thing missing is a bit of skill and patience.

In the next entry we put us squarely in slaughter and begin to build our own cover for the chairs and the sofa from scratch.