How to Make Flower Vases at Home

All of us sometimes boring house in which we live. Then we look for some ways to refresh. In many of the cases give up, when we realize that this requires money and time to select and purchase a bright unusual furniture or even fresh accessory. On the other hand most of the subjects “do it yourself” are not as easy to manufacture. It takes skill and if the end result did not get exactly as directed, these accessories do not usually look stylish enough and it is quite possible to finally get something roughly like … unfinished. This is not good unless it comes to enhancement of natural, rough materials as suitable for interiors, which will match. Fortunately, not all objects of the category “DIY” require much effort. Some are actually quite simple to make, and finally look really spectacular. Here we show you an extremely easy to implement and very original way of making beautiful and stylish flower vase, which would undoubtedly refreshed and stressed any interior. You will need:

  1. Acrylic paint in colors of your choice
  2. Clean bottle (or several, maybe jars)
  3. Syringe (possibly with a larger volume)

Mix in another court paint until the color you like, or use them in their original form. Pull paint the court a syringe and inject carefully into the bottle. Move the bottle in different directions so that its walls to stain the inside. Then flip it upside down on a suitable surface to dry for 24 hours. Repeat as many times as you want.

These flower vases look good as well with flowers in them and empty. Always refreshing and interesting.