How to Make Smoky Eyes

Smoked, or also known as smokey eyes, eyes are more sensation in the world of makeup. It is a sophisticated make-up, sexy and gets mention looking like any other type of makeup.

The technique to make smoky eyes may seem difficult, but really not so much. You only need a bit of practice and, eventually, the results will be ever better. The technique of smoky eyes makeup is always the same.

Make-up products

  • Use black eyeliner.
  • USA shade black powder
  • It employs black pestanina.

Initial recommendation

Apply Foundation and concealer. Before starting to apply eye makeup, it is important that you apply on the face base and corrector, that way you’ll get cover imperfections and hide dark circles. If you like, and especially if you have oily skin, apply before the base first or pre-basic, a product that will help you to set makeup for longer, because it reduces the sweating of the face. To keep your smokey in place, it is very important that don’t forget to put first on your eyelids.

Steps to make smoky eyes

  1. Apply white powder at the bottom of the eye.
  2. Use black eyeliner to draw a line well at the edge of the upper eyelid, it is not necessary for you to be perfect.
  3. Use a flat brush to spread the product to the rest of the eyelid.
  4. Using the same flat brush, apply powder shadow. In this way you will get to add a better definition to your eyes.
  5. With the same shade, you have to define the bottom of the eye.
  6. Finally, you have to remove the white powder and enhance your lashes with a good mask.

Ideal for every type of face makeup

  1. Oval face

If you have the oval face, you’re in luck because it is the most balanced and harmonious. The base have to apply inside outside blurring into the neck. To apply blush, you have to smile and apply the color on the point of greatest volume in your cheeks, blurring the center of your cheek at the temple. The eyes can be discrete or loaded without exaggeration, but never forget the golden rule: intense eyes, lips discrete and vice versa.

  1. Round face

If you have this type of face, what you should do is hide your cheeks a little, thus you get to lengthen the face. You apply 2 shades of makeup base, one must match your skin tone and the other a little darker. First you have to apply it in the face; the most intense, applied to the sides of the face, to create the illusion that it is longer.

  • Uses dark flush on the top of your cheekbones and blend towards the temples. You must achieve a triangle flush between the temple and the cheekbone and the ear lobe.
  • Your eyes should be the center of attention, so you have to draw them in black or dark brown and apply 2 layers of mask.
  1. Square face

What to do if you have a square face is smooth angles. For that, it apply dark blush on cheeks and lighter one on the cheek. Remember, the eyes must be made-up with softness. If you want to give more balance to your face, you have to apply gloss on your lips.

  1. Face heart shape

Finally, the objective for this type of face is to balance the front and hide a little Chin. It uses base and shade intense on the Chin. With a brush applied slightly luminous powder on your cheeks. It is not necessary for you to much makeup the eyes, it is enough to subtly draw the curve of the eyebrows with a pencil and a brush shape.