How to Match a Tie and Shirt

Some people believe that you should choose your suit or jacket first and match your tie and shirt for the costume, while others-such as Our site-think you should take your tie to first, and then select the shirt and suit or jacket that best complement your neckware. The tie reflects your personality and becomes the jewel in your suit and shirt, as it accentuates the hues and colors of the two. Select your tie depending on how you feel that day, that you will see and feel you want to do. Then select your shirt and, finally, your suit or sports jacket.


Decide on the link you feel like wearing. Pull it out of the row. Inspect it to ensure that it is clean and free of wrinkles.

Look at the colors or patterns of the tie. Choose the less dominant color in the style of moving or deciding on the color you prefer accent.

Place the link next to your shirt. Choose a shirt patterned with the color of the solid tie. Select a solid shirt for a tie with reasons according to

Place the tie and shirt next to your costumes. Select a costume that has the same sound shades than the shirt and tie or scratches which has tones similar to the tie.

Designate a primary tone for two clothing motifs. Add a tie with broad stripes of the same colour as the scratch of a shirt or suit.