How to Match Jewelry with Clothes

Crisis in front of the jewelry? Doubt about what to wear jewelry? Then this is the article for you! 10 moves in simple, all you need to know about how to match clothes and jewelry.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” wisely sang Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”

Yeah, give me a diamond and it will show off with pride, I will take care and treat you well.

And while you’re at it you give me some other precious stone, something gold and silver something.

Give me a jewel, in fact.

How many women are able to resist the charm of a jewel? Very few. For details, visit

And if your wallet prevents spree in jewelry, there are alternatives: from semi-precious stones to jewelry at low prices, from market stalls to art and craft shops.

The jewel is an irresistible attraction for a woman: just see what she encounters, can only wish to have it.

And then maybe, after you bought it, it looks better and wondering how to match clothes; then it turns out some disappointment confused and try to understand that does not know when to wear it, that maybe that jewelry will be destined to remain in the jewelry box.

But to everything there is a solution and this article comes to the rescue of those women impulsive purchase that will not know what to do with what took, but even the most weighted women, who may have less clothes, but it can renew its look with the right jewelry.

A necklace, a bracelet or pair of earrings because we like beautiful to our eyes, but mostly because we feel reflected in them or in that form.

A jewel is a tool that can valorizzarci and bring out our personalities.

The important thing is knowing how to do the right combinations; so here are a few simple tips to avoid mistakes as a shot.

1. Colored Jewels

Always compare the color of the jewelry and the clothes we want to match them.

If the jewelry in our jewelry seem the rainbow, with their colorful stones, the ideal is to associate them with clothes in neutral tones like black, white or beige.

In this way, they will stand jewelry and donate to look lively and fresh.

A gem in more?

Match the colors of the jewel also that of the trick: to be really perfect!

2. Necklines

Dresses with round neckline with a sweetheart neckline, with a square neckline and V-neck

Dresses with high neck or strapless.

In the wardrobe of a woman there is an endless variety of dresses or shirts with the different types of necklines.

But adjust with the jewelry to wear is not difficult.

In case of discovered neck, absence of straps and necklines not too deep, opt for a round neck or for a necklace short, even with a pendant; but if the neck is high, choose a long necklace, which can be rotated around the neck several times.

If you want to dare with a very deep neckline, pair it to a necklace with a pendant.

And if you love the necklines on the back, why not enrich them with a beautiful necklace?

3. Jewel Necklace

A jeweled necklace is short, consisting of stones, pearls and other materials and, as its name suggests, shines like a jewel.

And if you want to shine that we women do not have them in our jewelry?

They are very eye-catching necklaces and to give the best of themselves are associated with a hairstyle collection from

As for the clothing, used clothes that leave bare shoulders, plain and without strange fantasies, soft colors or in any case other than those of the necklace.

In case the necklace is in shades of black, opt for a dress with a bright color.

A fashion of this period is to bring the jewel necklaces over a shirt buttoned up to the neck: to give your look a ladylike touch.

4. Long Necklace

How beautiful are certain pendants hanging from a thin chain?

There are owl-shaped, key, clock, the doll…

The materials are varied: gold, wood, stones, but also fabrics and buttons.

The choice is wide, as their combinations.

They are perfect both on soft mesh on simple t-shirts, why give character to look maybe in danger of being shut down.

To be minimal, it can be used on uni united clothes, but you can also create overlapping wearing them over fantasies.

5. Pearls

Pearls express elegance and class.

They go great with sophisticated clothes or pastel colored blouses.

Sure, sometimes risk is a little “the grandmother effect”, but if you want a youthful look instead of the classic string of pearls you can choose a more modern variant, colorful, macro and asymmetric.

6. On the Job

On every occasion his jewel.

Of course, we cannot go on working with jewels too showy, as after all we can not choose too flashy clothes.

Better to focus on formalities and on simplicity, without losing sight of the practical aspect, so attention to bracelets and giant rings, which in some cases are a nuisance.

7. At a Party

Finally came the night that we were waiting!

We pondered what to wear for more than a month, we thought the most suitable shoes and better hairstyle: we want it all to go wrong choosing jewel?

Of course not, so we do not overdo it with jewels and, in the case of highly colored or complicated clothing, we opt for the light points, which however are becoming their effect.

8. Earrings

If the earrings without pendants look good on almost everything, long ones would be better to take them with her bare neck and a beautiful cleavage, because crane their necks.

If we want to wear big earrings and processed, we raise the hair and do not add a necklace, otherwise we risk making our look too heavy.

9. Bracelets

With bracelets there is enough freedom; we’re just careful in combining colors and materials and we prefer a single large pearl bracelet when we wear a shirt tight.

For anklets they are recommended instead a skirt or a long dress and flat sandals, one for hippie style.

10. Rings

With rings it takes measures: Never fill your fingers too.

If we choose a dark suit, then we match rings with colored stones; but if our dress is light or is a shirt, wide metal rings.