How To Organize The Underwear In The Drawer In 5 Simple Steps

You finish your shower. Happy and relaxed, you go to your lingerie drawer to find underwear. The heart rate accelerates. With trembling hands pull das and then… the nightmare begins. Buns of stockings, bras with flattened tops and the straps tangled in panties. The old mixed with the new, the joint sexy along with loose trousers. Poor you if you need sports bra! You have to dive into a tangle of clothes unrecognizable until you find it.

It is time to put an end to the chaos. Take action.

First that nothing you have to put your mind in arrange mode. This means that you will have some time (but it will not be too much, don’t be scared), will be determined to get rid of certain things without looking back and that you comprometerás to keep what you have left in order.

Step 1. All outside

All first remove the drawer where you keep your underwear. Do not leave anything inside.

Once the drawer is empty it is clean with a damp cloth to remove all dust and dirt particle.

If you like you can put a lining in the drawer by opting for presentations with or without perfume. If you don’t get this type of role, also you can line it with white tissue paper (to avoid any color to be transferred to your lingerie) and place a small bag of fabric with dried flowers or an empty bottle of your favorite perfume wrapped in soft fabric to protect clothes from spills.

Step 2. You decide what stays and what goes

Here comes the part that can take more time or which make faster, depending on if entered fully into the organizing mentality. Check out piece by piece noting its condition, its State. You must get rid of the parts that don’t fit you, who do not like most, are not able to. In some cases it will be necessary for you to try the clothes. Remember the rules of How to measure a bra size to help you discern whether to stay or not with a piece. Outside all discolored pieces, stained, worn and broken or loose elastic. Outside the Bras that fit you very loose or tight. Outside the half broken who knows why still keep.

Only parts that more use, which are in a better position should stay.

Step 3. Fold clothes properly.

Correct folding of the underwear is essential for space saving and the protection of different parts.

First that nothing should put similar parts in one place. A tower of panties, bras, one of shaping lingerie, stockings, etc. Choose a battery to start bending. You will do almost automatically.

Let’s start with the pants. Take one and spread it on your bed. Take the bottom part, which goes between your legs and take it to the top edge of the garment. Then take each end of the panty (those that conform to your hips) and bring them to the Center. In this way you will manage a small compact rectangle.

With the Bras is just as simple. First that anything make sure that the straps are untangled, like the small portion of fabric that unites one drink with another. With the cups of the BRA down, takes each one with one hand and rotate them so that can get a drink in the other. The straps and clasp go inside the hollow of the cups. In the case of the Bras that buckle at the front, the procedure is the same, except that it is not necessary to turn the cups. Simply place one into another and put the straps and band within the concavity of the cups.

Step 4. Choose the way of organizing your drawer.

Without a doubt, the best way to ensure that your drawers will keep the order acquired after this session of organization is the use of separators. You can opt for organizers of plastic, cardboard, wood or gender, easily found in stores. There with different motifs, with tapas, with closures, lined, with perfume or without it. There are all prices, from some truly economic to luxury accommodation at a fairly high price. In the event that your budget does not allow it, you can choose to create your own tabs and organizers using small boxes lined with paper tissue or gender, or simple boxes of plastic without lids.

Step 5. You are looking for easy access.

In addition to get rid of the old, the objective of this organization is to achieve easy access to parts of underwear, therefore, we must bear in mind this idea when choosing how to place each piece. Everyday underwear should be at the front, the sexy lingerie for special occasions can be located a little further back.

According to threergroup, the best method to give even use clothing and rotate them correctly is to organize them as held a Cabinet of folders in an office, one after another, always taking the first garment in the row and placing the clean at the end.

If you have a little more time and organizing spirit of Mónica Geller has taken hold of you, you can make a second selection where you ordenarás panties and bras by color and material. In this way you can quickly combine lingerie attire that you win that day.