How to Pick The Right Pillow for Sleeping

With so many pillows on the market it is sometimes flooded with the selection. But the question of the right pillow is a very individual and depends not only on the price or the form. Primarily, the pillow must support a healthy sleep, actually the main reason to use a pillow. Not everyone suffers from allergies, neck or back problems, but those who do, know how important may be in a pillow the right shape and the right material.

The life of a pillow depends mostly on the Filling: Polyester can this remain good up to 2 years for 6 months, with a pillow with feathers or down the lifetime is slightly higher, with up to 8 years in springs and up to 5 years in down, of course, depending on the quality. If a cushion has first lost its shape, it is shabby and looks sad, this is a good indicator that it’s time for a new pillow. So, what choice criteria to consider when choosing?

Your Sleeping Position You Should Know

Your sleeping position is a very important factor in choosing your pillow. There are three basic positions:

  • On the back sleeping
    back sleepers need a cushion that holds the neck in its slightly forward bent position.This should not be so high that the neck muscles are overworked, but rather a very light, natural angle.
  • On Front sleeping
    people who sleep most of the night on his stomach, need rather little, a flat or no pillow to keep the spine in its natural form.Helpful for stomach sleeper, a flat pillow under your belly be to support the spine in the waist area.
  • On the side sleep
    About 70% of people sleep like on the page.The side sleepers need a pillow, the neck and head support, but at the same time the back elicits a straight line. This requires in most cases a medium high pillow, which is about as deep as the shoulders. But the head should not be raised to the side, but are held in the same line as the spine. For women, especially those with pronounced curves, the side sleeping position can benefit a lot of support from side sleeper pillow and waist cushion.

The selection is often very large and diverse as one example in here Lidl can see. From soft to hard polyester foam to feather fillings and this selection is also important, so that we are enough variants for our individual needs are available and we can find the right pillow, or even a combination of cushion for us.

The aim of the Directive, Whether the Pad Fits You

The main goal of the pillow is the proper alignment of the spine. The cushion is intended as a support for the head and neck, the shoulders should be located on the mattress. Between the neck and mattress there should be no hole. Soft pillows go well with stomach sleepers, since these tend to Ausflachen, for side sleepers there are the orthopedic neck support pillow as an additional option, these are precisely shaped to support the neck. Also adjustable cushion for back sleepers are available, these are fitted with locks, so you can regulate the filling material in order to achieve just the right height.

The filler largely determined the firmness of a pillow, these are to be obtained in accordance with many different price ranges, from a few bucks to hundreds Euros:

Feather-down pillows are soft and malleable and can be used in almost all customized sleeping position. However, they are not suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers and are also not a good choice in humid areas.

Cotton pillows are comfortable, offer well-being and are suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. For the correct height you should try this or better yet, if available, choose one with a lock, so that you can customize for you perfectly according to your sleeping position higher.

Synthetic-Polyester are the best pillows in the market. When new, these are comfortable, fluffy and supportive. The best choice here is a pillow with zipper for individual height adjustment to your sleeping position and mattress. Many filled with polyester pillows are a perfect choice for allergy and asthma sufferers and can be washed at high temperatures. Compared filled with polyester pillows lose their shape more quickly and need to be replaced more frequently.

Foam pillows often fall into the category of orthopedic pillows. These are fixed polyurethane foam, sometimes ” Memory foam produced” or memory foam. Polyurethane foam and molded orthopedic pillows provide support especially for side sleepers, with a higher neck area which is reduced in the head area to allow an optimal positioning of the spine. Foam pillows are suitable for allergy sufferers. When buying such cushions you should watch necessarily mean that the cushion fits you, not each pillow named ” orthopedic ” has the right choice for you, just because it is like that. Try is announced here.

Water cushion. Relatively new to the market are pillows that are partly filled with water. The upper part is frequently isolated from thermoplastic polyester and filling. Water pillows offer the advantage of customization. If desired, the amount of water can be regulated in order to achieve just the right height and support.

With each new pillow you need a certain time to determine if it is right, about 5 days trial period.No neck, shoulder or back pain and a regular restful sleep are the best evidence that your choice was the right one.