How to Prevent Bicycle Injuries

Cyclists get on a regular basis to deal with annoying aches and pains. Most of these problems can be solved by simply resting. Sometimes these disorders can be actual damage. Bicycle Injuries can have many causes and will each be seen and treated. Who tackles rapid damage, makes a much greater chance of a quick recovery. On bicycles, knees, legs, back and shoulders most taxed. Injuries to the upper body that is caused by the high pressure that occurs while riding on the upper body. Bicycle injuries in many cases is a matter of?? prevention is better than cure?.

Types of cycling injuries

Shoulder and neck pain
When the shoulder is going to be hampered by an overactive trapezius, and the muscles between your shoulder blades is not trained. If the neck pushes frequently when riding a bicycle, you can get your neck muscles are overloaded. As prevention you can pull your shoulder blades. To correct your neck, you can try to stretch the neck.

Lower back pain
Poor posture on the bike or untrained lower back muscles can cause an annoying pain in the lower back. Try to get a good position on the bike and leave any full measure to push the correct driving position.You will see that the pain will disappear and you will also receive a much higher efficiency cycle.

Blisters on feet
Blisters may get you if you take too long in the same position as sitting on your bike. You can prevent blisters by wearing cycling gloves.

No more annoying that when the seat begins to hurt when you ride. A good saddle and a good cycling shorts with pillow can avoid these problems already. If you have an irritated buttocks, then you take care of it properly with a modified ointment. Let your already good advice what type of saddle is best for you.

Knee Pain
Knee pain is a common injury. This often fall among cyclists pushing a strong acceleration, which makes your knees get extra cost. Knee pain can also get you because of bad attitude your pedals or seat. You can now avoid a preventive knee pain even switch to rotate. Let you measure every two years. It could be that you seat, through back-and back shocks, which have been declining, and this has a negative effect on the perfect riding position.

Causes of bicycle injuries

To prevent bicycle injuries need your body to be in perfect balance. A bad sitting posture, after all, can have a negative effect on overloading of certain body parts. Because your body is out of balance, some muscle groups must work twice as hard to make up for other muscles. Of course, this will overburden it with injuries as a result.
Common causes:

  • A bad global warming that will tear your muscles much faster than with a fixed heating?? ??.
  • No helmet wear that increases your head injury. Some cyclists helmet because it does not look pretty.
  • A body position on the bike that is not in perfect harmony, creating an overload of muscles.
  • Clothes that do not fit well and possibly between your spokes or chain hit.
  • Carelessness and onalertheid where your pits or bumps in the road do not see or are inadequate. Bikes without hands on the steering wheel, often leads to accidents with personal injuries as a result.

Treatment of bicycle injuries

There are several methods to treat a wide variety of injuries. Simple damage you’ve had ever, you may be able to treat yourself. Often three to four times the ice on the injury. A pain reliever can ride out the pain or inflammation from injury calories. Of course you need to practice so hard with an injury. The rest is very important. It is also wrong to hold training on with an injury. Eventually you will make it worse. If the damage after a week’s not over yet, you still allow a doctor or a specialist. Even when you think the injury is serious, bring out the best specialist. He can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment.

Take care of your own safety when cycling

Beginner cyclists ride on the best cycle routes. What can and can be experienced cyclists on road bikes. It is advisable to avoid heavy traffic if you are not used to ride a lot of beginner cyclists are also invited to day cycle when it is light. Who?? ?? evening or night cycle, to provide reflective clothing and is obviously necessary lights front and back on the bike. Pedestrians occur naturally on the open road. Watch your back row and not, for example, at high speed along a school. A bicycle Bell can be a useful tool to alert pedestrians. For bicyclists, cars?? s, buses and motorbikes??? s dangerous objects on the road. Be very careful on the roads and try to make eye contact with other drivers of vehicles.