How to Put a Bra

THE CUCKOO BUDDIES! Today we will talk about something that can potentially change your life. Or maybe not. For me it has changed a lot so I think that, even if it has the obvious and stupid air, so to speak, and it will perhaps some beginners and other lost sheep.

We will talk about the right way to put her bra. Sounds pretty simple, right? Just put her bra with the straps, hop hop, it attaches in the back and roll my chicken, fastoche, boom boom bim bim shlack shlack bang! Well no. No no no. Not because not.
When we do this, the bra is placed on the breasts, we do not really slipped. It provides no real support, it makes migrating tissues as ever and it pretends to correct bra actually much too small.

To her bra properly, you must use a method called Scoop and swoop. I’m not really amateur anglicisms at the con, but then I really do not see how I could translate it. The nab-move? The grab-move? The cut-shift? Finding myself unable to decide, I prefer to keep Scoop and swoop. It is even said S & S sometimes it is super stylish.

How (also called “Bend down and does the boogie”)

  1. It puts the bra. Most people consider that it is best to put it by the straps and tie in the back. But frankly, if you prefer, you can attach it backwards from the front and then drag it back to the place, it does not really matter.
  2. We must look forward and look foolish. Again. Each morning. But it only lasts a few seconds and it changes everything, really. Once you’re leaning forward, we must gather all the tissue of the breast in the bra. In general, it is to put his hand into the cup on the outside and toooouuuut back inwards and upwards. With your other hand, pull the cap to the outside so that it encompasses both the breast and the whales do not come to rest on the breast tissue.
    Depending on the shape of your breasts, your body and migrated amount of tissue, the ritual of the scoop and swoop is not necessarily the same. For example, you have a bit of tissue that has migrated in the crease of the armpit? Put it in the cup. Put all it is there for.
  3. There is recovering and adjusting. The bra should be comfortable and whales must ask pile in the crease under the breast, not too low or too high. The way to achieve this, however, depends entirely on you. You can shake your chest frantically until everything is in place, push the cap up, nab Between the cap and shake from left to right, anything you want, as it suits you . These are your breasts, it’s your own party.
  4. If the straps are too long and glide, shorten them if they are too short, you have to lengthen. Rather easy.
    If the straps are tight and you enter into the skin of the shoulders, you need to calm down and loosen things a little, especially if they cause you marks. It is normal bra leaves red marks at the end of the day at the whales and between-caps, as it does not hurt you. However, it is not normal that the straps give red traces, except possibly if you have extremely sensitive skin.
    If the straps slip despite stubbornly hard tightening, it is very likely that you wear support the bra too turn back. This can also mean that you have very narrow or very sloping shoulders, which is more difficult to accommodate. Being small and having high place on the bust breasts also tends to exacerbate the phenomenon. The straps of my old bra slid all the time, they did not take up more than a few seconds and it drove me crazy. Now I have always meet once or twice a day but a smaller back tower has almost solved the problem.
  5. Optionally, you can adjust your bra during the day if necessary.If a bra is just perfect for you, then it will not be necessary. That said, if a small adjustment is needed after a few hours, this is not the end of the world and it does not necessarily mean that we must fuck the offending bra trash. Just repeat steps 2 and 3 for all things into place.

Why we must do all that

A bra that is not set by the scoop and swoop not maintained properly. It is placed on your breasts, it pushes against your rib cage and is useless. It completely fails in its function bra, in short.

That is what a badly placed bra. It supports but does not support, while the right bras lift the chest and relieves the back part of her weight. And also, even though I know this is completely subjective, I find that a well-made set bra really the prettiest breasts. Besides it prevents and even reverse the process of tissue migration to the back and fold of the armpit.

It is essential to proceed to scoop and swoop when you wear a bra, regardless of the size of her chest. M & S is also essential when looking for a size that suits us because it detects too small bra. One can also make the mistake of decree that a bra is too big then it would suffice to S & S for everything to be perfect.

On the left, the person has not S & S and the bra could be seen as suitable. If the picture was better, we would see that the straps do not rest flat on his skin and the whales seem to be placed too low, but at first glance it looks to go to him.
Photo right was taken after the S & S. Obviously, the cap is too small. And now that the breast volume has been put on the cap, not foolishly stowed away in the strip, it is very possible that the back tower bra proves too broad.

I know that for many people this ticket will be unnecessary and outdoor obvious stuff. Good, that means we taught you well and you’re lucky. However, there is really full of people who do not know well to their bra. I had to learn this method after almost ten years to wear bra (while I’m not more stupid than another, good, huh, what), so I certainly do not have to be alone. And if it helps not least one person then all the better, it will always be two closest breasts happiness. This is the only desire that drives me.

(The images of this post come from a very good blog post Bras and Body Image  which is full of examples of bra that pre-air scoop and swoop suitable whereas really not. I invite you go check it out (I will touch 0.00 US dollar per click).)