How to Remove USB Devices (with and without Safe Removal Mode)

Thanks to the USB port of your computer, we can connect to it an almost endless number of storage devices that have this type of connection, from the traditional pendrive, through SD memory, through a reader of memory cards, disk rigid external and others.

All these devices tend to be connected for the users to download content to the PC or copy content to your transfer. In this way, whenever you connect a pendrive to our computer, automatically will display a dialog box from which you can access the drive through Windows Explorer.

Now, once we have performed the task that we needed to do with the unit, is extremely important to remove it from the USB port take a series of steps to prevent over time damage to the device or have problems with content copied in the site.

Therefore, before removing the unit from the USB port of the PC we must make safe the removal, which should be conducted in the following manner.

Method 1: In the area of notifications in the taskbar have to press with the right button of the mouse on the icon that corresponds to the USB drive connected, as shown in the image, and then we click on the option “Eject USB Drive”.

Method 2: We can perform the same action from the explore Windows, so we went to the “Team” section and click with the right button of the mouse on the USB drive in question. In the drop-down menu we click on the option “Eject”.

This is the correct way to disconnect a USB on a PC with Windows, however also there is another method that will allow us to extract the unit much more quickly.

To do this we must carry out the following steps:

Step 1: With the USB device connected to your computer, must start the Device Manager, so we headed to the start menu of the PC, and in the search bar type “Device Manager”, item that will be displayed at the top of the list, and on which we must press.

Step 2: The following will be deploying the list in the section “Disk drives”, and then press the right button of the mouse on the USB drive in question. Then click on the item “propiedad”.

Step 3: When the properties box been deployed, we headed to the “Policies” tab and make sure that the default option is selected “Quick release”.

This will allow us to remove a USB drive, as for example a pendrive, without any steps for safe removal. Notably, this can only be done when we are not using the USB device, since if we do it while you are performing any operation can damage the unit forever and lose the information contained therein.