How to Sew Plus Size Pants

As I wrote after sewing tank top 80 cm of substance left me a bit more substance. Substance reminded me of the material from which I have several varieties briefs, so I decided to try one copy. Panties I tried to sew it before, but the attempts were not very successful. According to one cut I made instead of bulky pants bloomers and when you try to copy editing elastic pants little elastic fabric, I ended up with briefs in which they do not fit. The following guidance is but the result of a successful attempt.

What are you going to need a sewing such briefs:

  • substance
    • previous experience, I advise to select the material by material pants that are going to copy (and flexible)
    • sufficient size to 38/40 bit size of about 30 x 70 cm
  • garment scrunchy
    • could be laced rim and without, I consumed less than one meter
  • a piece of cotton fabric to its padded crotch

Outline briefs that we decided to copy transferred onto paper. If you do not hold panties straightened, need a bit of improvisation (přišpendelní into the soft pad, etc more on Tracing briefs from seam to seam is mostly obtained two cut pieces. line in the middle of the front part indicates the size of the cotton liner.

Plus Size Pants

Parts lay on the substance and adding seam allowances parts are cut out.

As you may have noticed all the panties have a crotch one more, mostly cotton, layer. It follows the shape of the front part. I cut out the part of the rest of white cotton fabric, which is rolled up the picture a bit.

Rear-cut piece put on a front, face to face, and to put these parts piece of cotton fabric. (The article has the advantage that it does not play nice, but I did it, for sure, from the side where there will not be sewn oentlovala.)

An overlock sew pieces together. As the crotch and hip. If you do not overlock be as well work zigzag or twin needle.

Thus produced semi panty line the waist and around the legs with rubber bands. These Sew in two steps. The first step is sewing elastic bands on the face side (inside the edge of the lace) .Gumičky starting to sew always at the seam sew zigzag stitch. When sewing we do not do you extend. Zigzag ensure flexibility. If the elastic lace edge, heading it in from the edge of the fabric.

The second step is to bend rubber bands into reverse and second stitching from the right side. This time, we use a three-step zigzag stitch, which can often be seen on buying underwear.

Sewing elastics are actually ready panties. Even if just hands together to sew the ends of the elastic band, to fraying.

Since this experiment was successful, I immediately repeated it several times. The substance, which I chose on the other is very light, so the panties around elastics little curls. After stretching on the body but also solid rubber bands stretch and there was nothing wrinkling.