How to Tie a Tie

How do you tie a tie?

We will tell you how to tie a tie, how necktie knot a tie, the selection of video tutorials that explain lashing ties, something about the history of ties and basic tips. Whether you go to work or to social event tying neckties need to acquire.

Windsor necktie knot Full

Necktie knot Windsor Full is quite popular mainly because of its large size. Such a node is unsuitable because of its size, the close límečkům shirts, hence the need for this node, choose a shirt with a wide collar.

Half Windsor tie knot

Necktie knot Windsor Half is a medium-sized one and a visually one of the most beautiful tie knots. Half Windsor moment also belongs to one of the most popular hubs as well to fit a wide límečkům shirts, which are currently very fashionable.

Necktie knot Four in Hand

Necktie knot Four In Hand is characterized by its simplicity and because it is sometimes called a simple knot. Despite its relatively simple mooring, however, it is still very much in vogue. Ideal tie for Four In Hand kravatového node are patterned tie or a slim, stylish – perfect for monochromatic ties of coarser material. For the ties of thinner material that node would not be a good choice, since it would be relatively small knot and therefore lackluster.. It is also an ideal choice for a men’s shirt with a narrow collar. It is also the oldest necktie knot used since the 18th century in London. Node has a relatively long and gently asymmetric shape.

The process: we start lifting his shirt collar and establishing ties around the neck so that the narrow end hung on the left side. Furthermore, the wider end crossed to the other side and bottom dragging around and get it back to the left side. The tip of the tie from the bottom slid it into place over the shirt collar through the loop formed downwards. Finally, we catch the knot with one hand and pull the other end of the tie for fixing and shaping kravatového node.

Necktie knot Pratt (Kent)

Necktie knot Pratt (Kent) or Shelby is another of smaller and simpler node that is approaching its properties node Four In Hand, and not so frequently used. Necktie knot is ideal for patterned tie. Kent knot is formed into a triangle and are suitable except patterned ties for tying neckties classic made ​​of coarser materials. Again, as in the previous node it is not recommended to tie it on a tie thin materials in order to avoid small and dull the resulting node. Node is suitable for use in combination with shirts with a narrow collar. As a general rule – the smaller node, the narrower necktie collar.

Practical tips for binding and wearing ties

In addition to stylistic issues, the only tune the tie by the shirt, a tie tone to tone shirt basic rule that the tip of the tie should touch the underside of the belt. If the tethered tie too short, reveals belly, if too long, has almost clown outfit.

Furthermore, the suit and tie shirt by wearing have up to three different colors, not counting black white and blue.

NESS can be combined with a tie and handkerchief, but must tune color with a tie but should not have identical color or pattern as the tie itself. To create a uniform appearance of the suit can be somewhat handkerchief harmonize with the color of the shirt or tie, however, may be the two colors do not hold if the combined total matched.

Historie ties

Ties going back to the 17th century, specifically the Thirty Years War from 1618 to 1648, when Croatian mercenaries wore small, knotted scarves, which were given a farewell from their wives. These scarves were mostly red and aroused much interest in Paris, then this trend has been awarded the title ‘ la croates ‘ after the word Croats in French. Then adjust the name to ‘ cravate ‘ or cravat in English.

If you have decided to inform more about men’s fashion is definitely a lot of magazines, and blogs that are devoted to men’s fashion, but we recommend out web, which also come from video tutorials. On Youtube it is of course also possible to find a quick minute video tutorials if you’re in a hurry.