How to Treat Your Jeans

Whistles or lököt, the most important thing is a good fit denim jeans. When you take care of your favorite jeans properly, so they will last a long time.

Caring for Your Jeans

  1. When you wash jeans, turn them inside out and close the fly. Wash the jeans from 30 to 40 degrees. Half-filled machine: too little water can come in jeans and white stripes.
  2. Do not use fabric softener. Stretchy fabric softener elasticity takes off. Dark or black jeans should not use detergent containing bleach.
  3. Smooth out jeans hand, when they come laundering, and put the hanging. If the jeans with spandex, do not use a tumble drier or enclosure. High temperature ruining elastane.
  4. Pat the jeans, if necessary, from the wrong side. Washing, in addition to the regular ventilation makes good jeans. Wash the jeans as rarely as possible. Use a stain remover if necessary.



Jeans: Media Guide

  • High-quality denim fabric to identify the thickness of the fabric. The fabric may initially seem even harsh, but it softens and adapts in use.
  • Today jeans are generally a little spandex (1-2%), because it better fit. In recent years become popular in the untreated and unwashed raw denim does not contain spandex and consumptions.
  • environmentally sustainable to have to choose ecological cotton, and as little as possible dealt with jeans. Various washings and consumptions shorten the life of a pair of jeans.


Jeans Buyers Tips

  • Complete jeans buying guide is simple: forget about the trends and fads. The dark, flat color slims and too tight model widens. Straight legs and dress their long clips.
    • The jeans are usually spandex, so choose a snappy whole. Jeans for flexible use.
  • Always adjust your jeans shoes to wear in order to get enough long legs. High waist line to shorten the upper part. Wide rear pockets on the back side of increase. • Reid Prevent a well-fitting model slims. When you find the perfect model, buy two pairs at a time.