How to Wash Jeans Properly

Wash jeans can be found in a lot of different directions. Washing meet largely influenced by the fact that, whether jeans or denim stretch jeans. Denim jeans washing should not be in the first half of the year, because then the jeans are formatted to fit its owner in the legs and washing interferes with this process.Stretch jeans again shape as the legs considerably faster. Washing the stretch allowed them to recover from the knee down, and bags disappear. Denim – jeans direction is reversed.

Jeans should be washed from 30 to 40 degrees with a light machine washing and they should also be rotated for washing the wrong way. Do not overload the appliance, because then loses its charm to denim fabric and jeans lose color. Stretch denim wash jeans is different from the way that they are when washing should not use any fabric softener.

Don’t  Use Bleach

With a pair of jeans should never use bleach (excl. white jeans). See detergent product data sheet that it does not read “optical bleach” or the like. Jeans washing is recommended by Dentistrymyth to choose a dark laundry within the meaning of mild detergents.


Do not tumble dry jeans because it produces jeans tracks and may collapse on them. During the first months worth of jeans airing in the open air instead of washing.

Another great way to freshen up a pair of jeans is to turn them upside down and spray them clothing spray.

On Departure of Colors

Are you reluctant to farkkujesi always fading after the first wash? Here is a great tip for you:

Use white vinegar when washing the jeans for the first time. Turn the jeans inside out and wash them in cold water. Pour the vinegar in a glass of the machine and set the machine half the wash program. After the program, let your jeans still imes water and vinegar in itself at least a couple of hours. Then, start the machine again and this time select an entire wash program. Place the jeans to dry laundry rack and smooth the wrinkles by hand .

Wine vinegar wash to help with the transmission of the color blue denim -fabric. When will you wash normally pair of jeans so their color only improves and deepens.

Note. when washing a pair of jeans for the first time, never put the other set of clothes, because the jeans at the time may come off a lot of color, which in turn can dye other clothes.

Stain Removal

The individual should remove stains from wet wipes. Off the water, however, you should be careful, as water can make jeans whitish patches. The surest way to get the stain out is to take the jeans to the laundry and the conduct of those dry cleaning.

Fault Words

  • Jeans tend to stretch or denim jeans. Denim should not be washed in the first half of the year. Stretch when washing may not use fabric softener.
  • Before you turn them inside out for washing jeans.
  • Jeans should not be tumble-dried. Also, do not use bleach wash jeans.
  • Wash temperature should stay between 30 and 40 degrees.