How to Wash Your Shoes

Natural remedies to wash the suede shoes, running and faux leather. At the supermarket there are millions of specific products, but the shoes can be cleaned (well) even with some simple home remedies and all-natural.

It seems that the state of a person’s shoes to understand a lot of things. If the wearer is a serious and precise type, or a bit ‘sloppy, sloppy. The military, for example, would be obliged to go out with the always perfectly polished shoes, to convey a sense of order and discipline. And we also, when we wear a pair of newly polished shoes, we feel more elegant, no matter what we wear.

Here are some homemade and natural remedy to easily clean the shoes and give a tone to our next release.

Trainer: Soap

If it comes to athletic shoes we can wash by hand or machine (not running shoes in the washing machine), using a brush, mild soap and the inevitable baking soda, which removes stubborn stains and odors. Cleaning of trainers have dedicated a whole article: How to wash your sneakers.

Faux Leather Shoes: The Most Easy To Clean

The faux leather shoes (or plastic) are pretty durable and easy to clean. The easiest way is to obtain a microfiber cloth than a little ‘Pelosetta, immaculately clean, rinse it under very hot tap water, wring out vigorously, and then pass the smoldering cloth, but just wet, shoes . Insist your fingers along the seams and where the upper is joined to the sole.

Unless there are not really stubborn stains, already this cleaning should be sufficient. If you want to also sanitize your shoes, put a few drops of tea tree oil (melaleuca) on the cloth after wringing. It is antibacterial. To shine the eco-leather shoes just polish them by rubbing them with an old sock made of plastic, or even better, an old pair of nylon stockings for women.

Suede Shoes: Delicate

The suede shoes are always a little ‘complicated to clean, because the risk is to remove the color along with the dirt and find ourselves with mottled and discolored shoes. The watchword is delicacy. Use a brush with soft bristles to remove dirt and grime. To remove stains use breadcrumbs or white eraser. For stubborn stains, you can dilute a bit ‘of Marseille soap in warm water and gently rub with a sponge. Let dry away from heat sources and then brushed all footwear, in order to standardize the color.

Footwear: Use Vinegar And Oil

As women’s footwear, the leather shoes are first cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. They do not like water, if you are spotted you can move slightly with a sponge a mixture of olive oil, alcohol and vinegar. The vinegar diluted in water, it also works to remove the white marks left by rain and snow, use it sparingly, let dry and then polished his shoes, to nourish the skin.You can spend a few drops of olive oil on a clean cloth. Another effective remedy is to polish the leather shoes with the inside of a banana peel. As always, after passing the “shiny” you have to let it dry, then wipe gently with a soft cloth.