How to Wear a Blue Shirt

If the white shirt has attributes of elegance that no one can question if his class is none, the blue shirt has many points in its favor also: this is the most colorful credible alternative. Except for social gatherings and funerals, blue shirt suitable for all occasions. It can be worn with a suit as with jeans or chinos and has the advantage of being more gentle on the skin. No less suitable for the colored man, and ideally emerging for most white men. If you have blue eyes, there is no excuse not to wear, because it will make you shine. Let it simply, here we will keep only two categories: formal and casual shirt.


As for any formal shirt, blue shirt is chosen primarily according to its cloth (see Fabrics for to know ) but also its type shirt collar . Generally, the shirt in blue poplin, in Italian and simple cuffs collar is the basic shirt.Minimalist, simple as ever, must. My uncle always said “A blue shirt, it is the taste of anti fault.” Prices may vary depending on the type of fabric and quality. Poplin, from wire to wire or linen for summer days. Twill or the rafter for winter.

How to Wear a Blue Shirt

In terms of shape, small collar shirt is back for a few seasons, accompanying a fashion that promotes narrow (if not the skimpy): slim ties, lapel jacket purposes, sharp pants, reminiscent of the years fashion trend 1960. the small collar shirt is worn generally with a thin tie, even if some dare buttoned no tie. Attention the small collar is not going to everyone, it is better not to have a long neck or too wide face.

What to wear suit with a blue shirt?

One could almost say that the blue shirt is associated with more colors than the white shirt. Thus it allows you to vary the costumes according to their tastes and creates nice color contrasts while affirming his gay character more than his colleague. In fact, wearing a blue shirt, that you may seem basic, but it’s much more refreshing. Costume side, there is not really procrastinate: all colors medium blue to very dark it will, also black and brown. If doing here apart from gray to a slight caveat: Beware the blue of your shirt is not darker than the gray of your suit, which visually attract too much attention to a fixed point so that it must be on the whole. If one takes the information in the reverse direction, the costume must remain darker than the shirt.

How to wear tie with a blue shirt?

Regarding the solid blue shirt, the combinations are many and all types of ties are allowed. The safest that we can issue rules to prevent you from embarking on dubious combinations and / or complicated, is to take a model blue dominance. Obviously, in this regard, it ensures that the contrast between the suit, shirt and tie either somewhat important minimum. Nevertheless, the color remains largely permitted at the tie and it is easy to find an original combination without making a bad taste. Have you tried the red tie, for example? She always superbly spring with a blue shirt.

As one of men’s dress shirts, THE striped blue shirt is also common in formal settings, favoring however in pinstripe shirts because their motive is more discreet. Note that they go very well with plain ties but also with ties to broad stripes (on a small patterns of association / large patterns, see How to match his tie to his shirt? ). To the extent a shirt with slightly wider stripes, we can dare to polka-dot tie. But be warned, these associations can quickly turn into disaster when in doubt, choose the right shirt with your motif, a plain tie.

If you are looking for inspiration to find more original associations, we recommend the website of the English brand Charles Tyrwhitt which has many successful associations (ties used in this installation come from in thehouse of the tie ).


If we can consider that the formal models are basic, then what about casual styles? You understood, they are just as important. Moreover, to the extent that some confuse for sometimes wearing them in a professional as they remain sober. Casual blue shirt is thicker and leaves room for more fantasies at the fabric and details. In Oxford, chambray or denim, it is often found with a button down collar, characteristic type of said jacket “weekend” and having breast pockets.

A-The Oxford shirt

You will certainly be surprised to learn that the Oxford shirt does not come from any of the English town of the same name but of Scotland. In the 19th century that light came in a cloth factory trying to experiment with different methods of weaving to differentiate. They then came to this thick and textured fabric for making shirts. In a purely marketing perspective, they named him as the university’s most popular moment: Oxford, launching later a mode other tissues with other universities (Yale, Cambridge, Harvard that exist today more – not tissue universities). Initially, Oxford pieces were made for a formal wardrobe and scope in the pants. In the 20s, fashion led him to attend polo matches, the male spectators wore these shirts Oxfords. Then according to the fashion of the 50 , it was the turn of the Ivy League, the student groups of American campus dotn it penetrate the dress code. Over time, it became the shirt of choice décotnractée and no longer carries the formal setting. Most often, it is found elsewhere with a button down collar with which it is forbidden to wear a tie!

How to wear?

Actually, there are not really taking the head for wearing a casual blue shirt as she marries all the colors and all styles of clothing. That said, remember to vary the shades to give relief to your outfit. Chinos also fits well and allows you to make different colors: beige, brown, orange, red, etc. The combination chino + blue shirt + denim jacket works perfectly (cf. look 1). As the combination jeans + + blazer jacket (cf. look 2) which is a basic! To give more character to your outfit, accessorize with a scarf , a bag and beautiful shoes.

The B-denim shirt?

We make denim shirts since we use the canvas denim garment manufacturing, specifically since the late 19th century. While she was at the time mainly used by gold miners of the western United States, its expansion and its popularity, it is especially the cinema. It was in the 30s that appear first westerns where the cowboys wear denim clothing. Marketing gender specialists also contributes to gain popularity and over the years, the shirt’s image will remain intact in the background. “Basically,” because obviously the fashion trends to divert the course of history: it will rock, grunge, beach and even elegant! Did you know ? The snaps have been incorporated on denim shirts that from 1946 and it’s not because of tenors that are Levi’s Lee or Wrangler.This is the brand originally from Denver Rockmount Ranch Wear that one has the addition of this feature.

How to wear
the safest way to wear a denim shirt and do it with a chino to avoid the side 100% denim. It usually works great with a tan or brown model. At the top you can bet on a leather jacket or a chunky knit cardigan. Despite what some say, it is possible to wear a denim shirt with jeans. If you wish to do so-associate a crude or black jeans and a plain denim shirt to create contrast or contrast to your taste. To affirm the workwear side of this style, choose a parka is a great choice, otherwise, a bomber could come and give a modern minimalist touch to the whole.


The blue shirt is one of those basic that easily fits in our wardrobe whether for work (cf. ideal Dressing for work ) accompanied by a blue suit, gray or brown or night and weekend version Oxford, chambray denim or associating with the usual casual pieces that are the jeans or chinos. And finally, tell us also that prevails at home between the white shirt and blue shirt?