How to Wear Denim Shirt

It is not today that the denim shirts “steal” male clothes guard and brought to ours. We are misused, what can we do if everything falls right in us? But despite already following there in a long time, the denim shirt is renewed and how to use it well. So here are the tips.

Some think denim “wildcard”. Others say:” Of course not, denim is not wildcard!” And I tell you that part is wildcard, yes, look at how many options it has: all closed for work, opened to create a more casual look, tied up in the waist for a sexy look, folding the sleeves for a stripped visual, and so on, the options are endless for plus size shirts as reported by

As mentioned, the closed denim shirt creates a work visual. You can combine it with dress pants. Black, it is also wildcard so if you’re still afraid to risk, use black, but it also combines with beige, white…

But it is much more than a piece to work, and then mount comfortable looks, you can even combine with jeans underneath, but this combination has to be given more attention and give more focus to accessories like shoes, handbags, sunglasses, necklaces, colorful belts.

Looks with other colors will be easier to hit and prints give too sure, whether in shorts, skirts, trousers or even dresses.

The looks of denim shirts inside pants or skirt deserve special attention, if you have very wide hips, may end up giving an impression that you are too fat.

The denim shirt inside leaves the volume around the waist just joining with the hip volume and gives a round appearance to the women. Prefer this look if you are thinner and have little hip.

When using denim shirts with skirts or shorts, take care of the shirt being shorter, otherwise it will seem like you are naked, besides being ordinary is very sloppy.

In case you do not have many curves, a good option is to place a belt over the denim shirt, it will give volume above and below the belt giving a greater impression of curvaceous body.

Although very sexy, a visual with the denim shirt tied at the waist cannot be ordinary if you use the high waist bottoms, in which case nothing may appear belly or leave the neckline show.

This does not mean that you cannot use neck in denim shirt, outside the work look and shirt tied at the waist, the neckline is welcome, use it loose and unbutton only in the region above the breasts, if this is not possible because the button is very low, it is super valid using a top underneath.

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