How to Wear Galoshes

I am among those who vowed to never wear galoshes. Uglier, osexigare and töntigare garments may be looking for. Until you stand there with ruined shoes and soaking wet socks. And it is enough actually to quickly challenge their values to realize that this really is an ingenious concept.

Get style problem raises as many questions as appropriate shoes for the winter. It is not enough to find the right model without the sole, the color, and a minimum of material must be fully exploited. Something in the Moody Swedish weather is easier said than done. Simplistically, it is possible to find three solutions to this problem; 1-buy a pair of allroundskor that works to wear in the Office as to and from work. The downside is that in the prevailing weather is forced to carry gummisulade monster even indoors. Option two is to wear sturdy shoes to work and then, once in Office, switching to a couple more inomhusvänliga options.Great for kontorspjucksen, but a bit more difficult.

And so is Galoschspåret. One option that many only a few seasons ago was not even considered. But with Norwegian Swims success is galoshen on the road to restoring their status. The idea is actually as simple as smart. To avoid having the soles of his lädersulade favorites for that instead of wooden shoe on a Repeater rubber when the weather lets you down. Even if it does not give full protection on top of the shoe is the protection actually significantly better than, for example, if you choose to add on a thin rubber sole of the shoes.