How to Wear Jeggings 2016

Styled like jeans, comfortable as tights, it’s the perfect mix! And, icing on the cake, it adapts to all body types. Our advice to do it with style.

It’s all the rage in England and adopted it even stars like Victoria Beckham!The jegging comfort and trend of dressing 100% fashion pants. With its look of John – some super models worked, have even pockets on the sides and on the buttocks, kind of like a skinny – the jegging is as comfortable as leggings, quality and more. Done in a thick stretch fabric, it conforms perfectly, has more outfit and more elegant than a simple leggings.

How to choose a jegging?
If most of the jeggings are elastic to the size, some models have, besides, jeans details: zipper, pockets or the back seams. Effect trompe-l’oeil guaranteed preferred, for a maximum of chic.
Side shades, you will find as many nuances or almost as for a pair of jeans. To make your choice, remember lare dark colors refine the silhouette when light colors tend to get her fat.
Since the jegging perfectly fits our forms (and also our flaws!), better is therefore opt for a crude blue or black : simple, simple, easy to wear and match.

How to match it?
Whatever your morphology, remember that you should always balance your figure. The jegging is close to the body? So opt for a wide top. Attention to your choice: wide does not mean without form.

Worked sportswear look, choose a V-neck t-shirt to your chest. If you are very thin, it can stop at the size like slimming leggings featured on If you complexez on your hips, prefer a model that falls just below the buttocks. At your feet, a pair of sneakers wedges… and the turn is played.
For a working girl glamour look, choose instead a noble material like silk shirt . Complete your outfit with a straight suit jacket. Finally, féminisez your outfit with jewelry : a long necklace, a pretty pair of earrings. At your feet, shoes (with pointed ends, it’s stack in the trend!) matching your shirt or your handbag.

Attention to the fashion missteps.
The jegging with reasons, that is, how to say: no! Why? Because it is difficult to match, and that besides, it tends to get bigger buttocks, thighs and calves… We’ve already seen more class!
Spread the word: elastic at waist, it’s convenient, but it’s not super sleek. Avoid wearing your jeggings with a short top.
Unless you want to bring out your hips, which, with jeggings, is frankly not a very good idea, or want to do a good in the 1980s, avoid your waist with a wide belt.
Flat shoes with the jeggings, it’s to avoid absolutely, at the risk of Pack your silhouette. Better to wear heels, albeit small. And if you struggle to get used to the heels, go for shoes wedges… it’s magic!