How to Wear Leggings Plus Size

While some women have leggings wardrobe seems unnecessary, other women can not imagine their wardrobe without leggings. Leggings, as part of the wardrobe, ridiculed by some, adored others!There is no doubt that leggings are controversial part of our wardrobe! For several seasons, not only disappeared from the world of fashion shows, and also from the streets of cities!

Leggings + Tunic

This is the easiest way to combine leggings. Ideally tunic should have a length to mid-thigh. It is essential that covered the buttocks and hips, remember that leggings are not pants, so you can not use it as a substitute for very tight jeans! A better choice would be a loose tunic over tight – it will be a better fit for leggings. Tunic can be sporty or elegant, and gives her worn with or without a belt. A great alternative to traditional tunics longer looser shirt or sweater.

Leggings + Dress

Duo plus leggings dress is also a good idea. Top wear dresses at length before the knee or knees.We recommend wearing the dress strap dress when they are large and airy. This is actually quite fashionable style of this period.

A few simple rules from hoticle that will help each of us to look good in tights:

Leggings + Miniskirt

This proposal is designed more for young women who are not afraid to show their legs in all its glory. Miniskirts in combination with Tope or tight T-shirt do not look good with leggings. Ideal for combining with leggings dress or skirt loose and comfortable.

Leggings for Women


The length leggings you choose is very important. Long leggings Cube is a great way to visually extend the length of the body. Even better, this task can handle up to leggings for the cube. Another preferred length is up to just below the knee but above the calves. Leggings, which ends mid-calf are suitable for slim women. 3/4 leggings can on legs look really nice and give your outfit an interesting charm. Leggings 3/4 suited to the sport as well, and will serve as a home for clothes for free time.


An important issue is the color of the leggings. Black leggings visually slims the figure and beautiful shapes of feet. If you have stronger legs, eschewed would shiny leggings that figure too much profit.
Most leggings serves as a supplement and not a basic outfit, so when we chose the upper part of the dress in bright colors, patterned or floral, we choose to do leggings muted colors.
In addition to monochrome, you can also choose from a variety of patterned leggings. Latest fashion trend is leggings with an elegant floral and plant motifs. And in this case, you must remember to properly balance the top and bottom of the dress.
Another option are the usual leggings with a zipper on the side. For example, imitation Genies. This type also leggings worn with tops, but many people wear like pants. It is permissible only if the leggings have sewn pockets as well as in real jeans.

Leather Leggings

The party would rather choose leather (latex) leggings. It adds character to your outfit and make it mega-sexy. Leggings with leather optics look really elegant. Leggings with this type of material befits women who have slender legs. Otherwise it is better to choose the classic dark cloth leggings. We do not recommend wearing leather leggings combined with a skirt, as this combination does not look too good.