How to Wear Leggings With Flats

Although leggings are usually reserved for the dance studio, fashion ushered them back to the ordinary. Used to prevent the hot leg muscles during dance practice, or for a look inspired by the 1980s leggings are a cute way to stay fashionable without much effort. Wearing leggings with flats can give you the look “Flashdance” of the 1980s, without the fringe of feathers and bad dancing.


1 Start with a simple skirt. The best way to wear leggings according to, and not look like you just left the dance practice, is to wear them with a skirt in fashion, but moderate. You can choose to wear leggings under the skirt (a neutral contrast as black or gray works well), then pull the leg up to the knee over leggings. They should start at the bottom of the ankle and crumpled be about one inch below the knee. Shoot your apartments (ballet or Mary Janes) and you’re ready to go.

2 Wear your jeans leg leaner with a classic, but more than fashion as a shrunken cardigan, or a button down. The jeans should be thin enough to wear something outside themselves without scrunching around the knee area. Wear neutral colored leggings in a solid model and draw on over the jeans. Again, they should start at the bottom of the ankle and ended just below the knee. To add character to this cute but classic look, pair it with glittery ballet flats or satin instead of plain black leather.

3 Pairs of leggings with simple leggings and an oversize top fashionable. A mini-dress with the coldest month leggings or down button of the shirt for men belted at the waist with a wide leather belt will look as playful and chic. Think balance essentially on the pads on the bottom with a top that flows or a sweater. When wearing delicate shoes, like apartments, you need depth elsewhere, such as a tote leather teddy or a brightly colored scarf.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not pair the skirt of a dancer and an oversized top with leggings.It will make you look heavy and out of proportion.Leggings are great for balancing the broad shoulders and wide hips, but wearing large coats everything will ruin the effect.