How to Wear Leggings With High Heels

Leggings were once used to keep hot dancers in the practice studio. In the 1980s this functional accessory moved to the world of fashion and in early 2010 we were back again. wear them with high heels can brighten up an outfit and add versatility to your wardrobe.To keep this combination looking fresh and fashionable, add your own personal style to create an updated look for the new millennium.


1 Stick to a pair at a time; Gone are the days when it was fashionable to layer three pairs of neon leg warmers over leggings and high heels. This combination is quite spectacular; be sure not to overwhelm your look.

2 Experiment with the length-you can choose shorter leggings (ankle heater), the thigh high leggings or those who are just below the knee. Different leg lengths complement different types of heels. Sock Dreams The site has pictures of leg warmer combinations and high heels that you can use for inspiration. Find a link in References.

3 Try stirrup leggings. If yours does not have stirrups, cut a small hole in the back of the leg to the high heel slip through. If you choose to give up the appearance of the bracket on certain days, pack the funds leggings around the ankles to hide the hole.

4 Keep the leg palette and prints sports leggings are a fashion accessory mature, sophisticated, so that your leg should be.Multicolored stripes can be difficult to coordinate with, but black and white stripes can go well with heels. Do not mix and match prints. If you wear leopard heels, stick to black leggings; if you want to wear striped leggings, choose a solid color shoe.

5 leggings Wear high-heeled boots, also under certain conditions. When you wear boots with heels, wear leggings directly on the leg, tucked away in the boot. With tall boots, wear a short leg on the boot so that the top of the boot is visible.Leggings Stirrup complete, high and great-heeled boots can add a bit of frivolity in a severe style like high heels, thigh boots.

6 Let your own show style through your fashion choices. Legwarmer see what kind of combinations of length and color work with your proportions-not a rule of fashion will be applicable to everyone.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can buy online leggings, dance supply stores, or knit your own.See “Resources” below for free knitting patterns available online.