How to Wear Maternity Pants

Last week, we told you about the part of the summer: the a maxi skirt. Decryption of the second part of the season: the fluid pants!
1 pants printed fluid carrot triangle want strawberry, €45
2. pants jersey blue cut loose Justine Mamalicious pregnancy, €44.95
3. printed-Tribal Séraphine, €45 maternity pants
4. fluid carrot trousers size elasticated want strawberry, €29.99
5 pants smocke pregnancy size Hill, €34.95

It’s the pants that will follow you around during your pregnancy. A little bit pregnant or a lot, it fits all body types and will be your ally in the summer.

Our advice to wear it well

You can wear it with a fluid tank top worn inside and slightly blouse, a cotton t-shirt (Grey Heather, black, white, beige), a shirt for cooler days, or a top very tight to highlight your first month of pregnancy.

As for the a maxi skirt, if your booty is pretty darn bounced over the months, favours the United ones you risers with printed tops or colourful accessories.
If on the other hand, your weight gain is concentrated on your bison, you can hit the print models: Aztecs, floral or striped.

Prefer models with elastic sewn into the fabric rather than those or the elastic is apparent, it’s frankly more comfort, especially in case of hot weather.
For the length, you can mix between the CARDI (the ones where you can see your calf) or the longer all the way down to the ankle.

Do not choose a model too harem pants (the one where the fabric hangs in the crotch; see more on It’s anti-glam despite the comfort of the Cup.

On the side of shoes, what do we do? If you want to play it glamorous, fluid pants goes divinely well with sandals heels, if you choose a fluid and silky top. For the daily, the Spartan camel or black remains a choice course.