How to Wear Skiing Clothes?

You already think of winter sports? To enjoy your ski vacation to the fullest and slide on the tracks without too hot or too cold hand, care must be taken to dress smartly! How to choose its ski wear? It is very simple !

How to Wear Skiing Clothes

Ski Clothing: Comfort and Functionality

Just know the secret of the pros. Skiing, snowboarding, trail, freeride, freestyle, no matter: follow the 3-layer principle.

1. A Layer to Wick Moisture

It starts with breathable underwear. Worn next to the skin, their role is to ensure the body’s comfort by wicking sweat in order to stay dry. With these underwear technical, you get a dry microclimate around the body. Much faster than a cotton T-shirt! The Simple Warm, Flow Fit X Warm or My Slim Wed’ze are ideal.

2. A Layer to Isolate

This intermediate layer of cotton wool, feather, wool or fleece (polyester) is intended to prevent loss of heat retaining warm air envelope around the body. This is by trapping warm air that this one creates the insulation against the cold. To better adapt to the outside temperature, simply vary the thickness of this layer.Consider for example the sub-jackets.

3. A Layer to Protect

The top layer of your outfit should act as a shell protecting you from bad weather (wind, rain, snow). Your jacket should be both waterproof, water repellent, windproof and facilitate your movements. The same is for your ski pants (