How to Wear the Cardigan

The cardigan is a timeless garment with a thousand faces halfway between the sweater and jacket. It is worn at all ages and contrary to popular belief, the cardigan does not necessarily book the classic style and a little outdated. Worn loose way, it allows unlike create outfits at the forefront of the trend.

The cardigan loose way with the boyfriend style

This season, the cardigan is worn in loose way to create casual and modern outfits . In association with boyfriend jeans and a fluid shirt, cardigan provides that little masculine side which throws.

Accessory side, her outfit can decorate a light scarf or a scarf and some jewelry. As for shoes, almost everything can afford. Sneakers, ballet flats, and even shoes, all go with boyfriend style cardigan loose.

The fashion faux pas to avoid? Combining its place in a makeup too light or hair (too) controlled, which may break the natural and relaxed side of look.

Road to Coachella with loose cardigan way and flowers

The first sunbeams of spring will not be long till the end of their nose and with them,music festivals too. Among the most famous of all, the Coachella festival that is annually a musical event and fashion must.

It is inspired so in the summer and is trying to casual wear and floral prints . It bears his spring cardigan unbuttoned and loose manner, and is associated with other more sober and always chic pieces. Similarly, the accessories are very important to define the style of her outfit.

The fashion faux pas not to commit? Multiply print or color in addition to its flowery cardigan. Beware the overdose and tasteless so.

The classic revisited with oversized cardigan

This year, aristmarketing reinvents the classic cardigan that is the building on the oversize style worn so loose. The idea, take a long, full cardigan to create a casual but perfectly controlled. No way to seem neglected by wearing loose clothing. We associate the contrary her cardigan closer to other parts of the body for a chic and urban outfit .

To complete her outfit, we put on skinny jeans and a pair of shoes. It obviously carries its open cardigan on top near the body or on a shirt and it does not skimp on accessories such as bracelets, necklace and others. Also choose a hairstyle and rather worked a circumstance makeup .

The fashion faux-pas to avoid? Combining its oversize cardigan worn so loose with other loose clothing. If, in addition, special attention is not paid to hair and makeup, the pajama effect is not very far.