How to Wear Vintage Dresses

Vintage clothing and vintage style clothing, provides the user with a great opportunity to create a unique, interesting and exceptionally fashionable. Vintage clothing is very fashionable, creating an air of chic sophistication side of the user, while at the same time, imbuing the user relaxed and carefree style attitude. If you feel that vintage clothing reflects your personality, so why not consider to try this fashion trend. However, beware that the look can be quite difficult to pull off well, and fashion faux pas are rife, when you first try out vintage look. If you want to try, but look at the advice that follows, and you are much more likely to succeed.

The first aspect you need to do, should you decide to purchase authentic vintage clothing and vintage style clothing. There are various advantages and disadvantages to both is:

Vintage Clothing:


The main advantage is the price, these are the one hand, and the price generally reflects that the target is some wear and tear. Another advantage is that these clothes are likely to be one-of-a-kind; other same style has probably been lost in the annals of time.


The key disadvantage is that other people, something that may be uncomfortable with, which is worn on clothing. In addition, they may need special treatments, such as expensive dry-cleaning technique, which takes time and money.

Vintage Style of Clothing:


The clothes are new, so you do not have to worry about any kind of cleaning before you wear clothes.
Leading fashion designers have created these clothes to the mass market; They therefore comply with the current trend that is, opportunities to make a fashion statement error is less.


Clothes will be more expensive, due to the fact that they are new, and they have been carefully designed. The clothes are mass-produced, and so a unique look is difficult to achieve.

Once you have chosen whether to opt for vintage or vintage style, you then need to select the time period. Vintage decades are generally thought of as the 1920’s, 1960’s. Clothes for each of these decades is ideal for the modern fashion, the difficulty arises with each other to decide decade. If you are not sure what era choose to simply explore the available variety of genres of each era, and then make your choice based on personal preference.

Next, when choosing a dress in vintage style, you need to make sure that the perfect outfit is consistent. In other words, that each of the following vintage look try to mix and match different styles. This means that you need to buy shoes, hats, belts, and all the other accessories you might want to wear, in a matching style.

Remember, in the past, the hair and make-up were generally hassle-free, and not over exaggerated styles we see today very few people had orange hair and skin 1920-1970, so keep your true style, and go natural.